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Improve your business by partnering with Expedia TAAP, the world's leading travel agency partner program. In addition, Expedia TAAP received two silver awards in the same category for its travel planning and booking interface. The HomeAway Expedias also wants the travel agency business. As a travel agency, do you work with an agency that is already part of TAAP? Click here for information on registering your agency.

Goal of the week

Enter Taap in Key West! The Great TOAP Américaan Road Tour gives you the opportunity to be one of 66 winning cars and receive a booking fee at the same time! Be on the lookout for the weekly TACP traveler' s favorite location to find out more about the legendary US itineraries. $25 money tickets are given to two happy operatives at each web seminar!

What is new at TAP? The establishment of this relation has given our agent an opportunity to competing with other OTA's in the market that do not work with them.

New booking tool launched by Expedia for travel agencies only

Expedia.com has started a new plattform to underpin its Expedia Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). Expedia Accessibility Portal is designed to help travellers administer their Expedia Affiliate account. ExpediaTAP is currently used by more than 15,000 tour operators around the world. Travelers have via TOAP the opportunity to browse Expedia's range of tour packages and service that allow tour operators to make bookings and commission through the Expedia website.

Expedia Access was designed in collaboration with Expedia-Reisebüro. We also help agents to change their own web sites. It provides a set of features that allow an agent to place an Expedia Search widget on their own website while still receiving a fee for transactions made by their customers through their website.

In the next few days, agencies already using TOAP will be migrating to the new operating system.

Travel Weekly Magellan Awards for Expedia TAP Awards winner of golden medals

In addition, Expedia TAAP won two gold prizes in the same catagory for its voyage planning and booking interface. Expedia TAAP Agency Web provides the Expedia Web platform for training agent through Expedia networking to learn about Expedia TAAP WebAccess. "With TAAP, our aim is to help agencies expand their business and realize their full savings by leveraging the force of technology," said Diego Pedrani, Senior Director of Agent Sales for Expedia.

"It is a dedicated, energetic and long-term relationship-builder with tourist agencies, providing entertainment, education, games and more. We recommend our esteemed affiliates to take full benefit of Expedia TAAP in the interest of their customers. These Magellan Awards are proof of the successful and strategic nature of our relations with agencies across the nation and we are excited to be recognised for this work.

" Awarded by a jury of top tourism professionals, the awards recognize the best in the tourism industry: hotels and resorts, destinations, cruise lines, online services, airlines and airports, tour operators and agencies, tour operators and car-rentals. The winner will be presented in the October edition of this year' s edition of Travellers Weekly and on www.travelweekly.com.

With its best-in-class technologies and equipment, Takap supports agencies to better service their own clients. Registered TOAP partners receive exclusive stock and scheduling tooling developed specifically for the tour operator ecosystem, while receiving commission for more than 435,000 homes, more than 25,000 operations, 500 carriers, parcels and tens of vehicle hire firms, taking full benefit of Expedia's worldwide size and cutting-edge technologies.

Expedia. com is one of the world's biggest full-service itineraries, enabling tens of thousands of travelers per months to make easy plans and reservations. Expedia.com (https://www.expedia. com/, 1-800-EXPEDIA) is dedicated to providing the latest technologies and the broadest range of top holiday locations, reasonable fares, hotels, rental cars, honeymoon marriages, cruises and in-destination experiences, rides, services and applications.

The price guarantee gives Expedia.com clients the best prices available on line for all kinds of trips. 2017 Expedia, Inc. The Expedia and the aircraft symbol are either brands or registrated brands of Expedia, Inc. in the USA and/or other states.

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