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The Frontier tip: Get the best deals when you book on our website! If I buy flights with an online travel agency, Expedia. Seats were comfortable for an aircraft seat.

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On the Expedia.de website I have reserved 4 passengers from Dublin to New York on Aer Lingus. My flight has been validated and I have e-ticket numbers and an Aer Lingus booking number. I can' t get to the booking on the Aer Lingus website (although they have a special connection for a flight that has been reserved through an agent).

As a result, I cannot provide passenger information online, cannot verify or modify seating assignments, nor can I register online for a flight. The Expedia are totally smug and not very helpful with regard to this problem and the inconveniences associated with it. I was just curious if you tried to call Aer Lingus.

Maybe it's a website/technology problem? If you have problems on another website, Expedia cannot help you, according to how you frame your questions to them, which may account for their caution. Lingus does not allow you to administer your booking on its website if you have made a booking through a third person.

But you can call them with the PNR Expedia gives you on your route, and they allow you to specify your interface, and they also let me choose your seat. Yeah - have talked to Aer Lingus. You say that the issue is due to the Expedia booking system, i.e. it should be resolved by Expedia.

It also confirms that from today's perspective we have to register at the airfield. Twinkle, it's not an Expedia problem, it's an Aer Lingus problem. You are not allowed to view your booking on Aer Lingus' website for booking by ANY third party. The same problem I had on a flight reserved through my corporate agency.

You can only make Aer Lingus bookings directly with Aer Lingus and we suggest you make your reservation directly with the airline. Glad to know you could register on-line. For the general question of accessibility, Aer Lingus has a page link'Manage your booking', which should give those who have made bookings through a tourist agency direct acces.

Will it work for any agent other than Expedia? I am currently trying to provide preliminary information and cannot do so as I do not have a British Airways booking number. and I finally had to register at the airfield. Expedia cannot be contacted because the line seems to be busy all the time.

"because I don't have a booking number for British Airways. I received an e-mail with the airline's booking number every single times I made a booking with Expedia. Expedia approved seating reservations were not available when we check-in at Dublin Airport. When we returned from New York, the places on our Expedia booking confirmation were again unavailable.

We at Expedia showed no interest in addressing these topics. It is best not to fly Aer Lingus with Expedia.

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