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In an unparalleled support for the competing online travel agency Orbitz, Expedia has removed American Airlines' fares in its search results. Yes, I bought a package from Expedia and I have a receipt for the total price. INC EXPEDIA www.expedia. com Airlines: You will find cheap airline tickets for all the world's leading airlines.

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U.A. Airlines fundamental economic restrictions not clear on Expedia, Orbitz

We are making great efforts to alert our passengers to the limits that apply to their new economical flights. However, some of the online reservation websites like Expedia.com and Priceline, which are selling airlines fares, are not as clear about the new tariffs. United has warned clients of the strict tariff constraints, such as waiving seating and carry-ons, since the introduction of low-cost-ticketing.

Anyone who buys a ticket on United's website must confirm that they have understood the limitations before they can buy. But when consumers buy essential low-cost seating on a trip page, the regulations on essential low-cost seating can easily be overlooked. On Expedia.com, for example, when you search for flight ticket, the words "Basic Economy" are displayed below the ticket prices.

However, a sender has to click on the word for the restriction to appear. Only after the visitor has selected the tickets and reached the "Trip Summary" page will all information about the regulations of the base seat be displayed. Even then, the right side of the screen shows in small letters what is already contained in the base price.

However, at no time is a visitor obliged to recognize that he understands what the new show means when he buys on Expedia, as on United's website. Orbitz, a company held by Expedia Inc., has a similar level of expertise. As the Expedia spokesman said they were making the choice of flights clear on their website, some people are of a different opinion.

Numerous clients contacted Expedia and United via Twitter to tell them that they did not know that the bought ticket was subject to such limitations. "Of course, we are continuing to work with our vendors to make sure that clients can see clearly all the information they need to search and book," said the Expedia spokesman.

However, Expedia and Orbitz are not the only pages on which the limitations for cheap fares are easily overlooked. We' ve reviewed the United Airlines ticketing purchase procedure on Priceline and found that in the first few results, we found Normal Economy ticketing was not ticked at all. Only after we had chosen the top ticketing with a price of 181 dollars did the information about the limitations in the small printed version appear in the flying detail.

Once you have decided to proceed with the order, more information about the choice of ticketing appears. The only limitation of the economical rate was that the purchaser could not choose a place to sit. Priceeline did not immediately react to a question as to why United's BASE EC type ticketing was not more clearly identified.

As the spokesman said, United even drew its cards from some pages where information about the grassroots business community was not clearly presented. On these occasions, the airlines did not allow tour operators to resell their ticket until the website was updated. United' spokesman said the organization will maintain monitoring of affiliate pages to ensure that the limitations are properly reported and will ask its affiliates to make changes as needed.

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