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American Express Co (AXP. expedi-study sheds light on travel and booking habits of North Americans An Expedia poll highlights the holiday customs of Americans and Canadians. Airline companies and tour operators have the opportunity to win additional shares of the information-conscious passenger population. Expedia's study of Canadians' and Americans' travelling customs in the United States found some interesting distinctions and resemblances that can be used as interactive hints for airline companies and caterers.

Whilst families and recreation cite the causes of trips to America, Americans take more vacations, which are less than Canadians. 59% of Canadians took a leisurely journey abroad, in contrast to only 18% of Americans. According to these statistics, Americans were more likely than Canadians to make a car journey than a flights, although overall traffic was more than twice as high.

In their next flight plans, travellers in the United States do not use airlines' own web sites as often as they look for information about third party voyage. In part, this may be due to perception of inadequacies in the UX associated with airlines' web sites. Fewer than a third of Americans say airlines' sites are influencing factors in their decision-making, while searchengines, on-line tourist offices (OTAs) and reviews sites are dominating the game.

Opinion polls found the OTA to be the most sought-after source of information for North Americans when it comes to itineraries. US travellers were more inspired by the use of corporate and brand contributions. Only 14% of American and 15% of Canadians found tour operators on the air. Whilst North Americans searched consistently for the best offer when they booked, Americans reacted more favourably than Canadians to news from tourism brands: information and visual appeal were almost as important as the business itself.

As the mood of travellers dominates the next journey in terms of activity and experience, the argument for more comprehensive information on airline and brand flights will be further reinforced. Because travellers book with their desktops and laptops and switch to portable equipment to reach their goals, brand names can use this behavioural information to customize their website's UX and advertising strategi-c...

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