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Just was amazing if many folks have posted bali packages (flights and hotel) with expedia and if so, is the proces simply and not much crap around or added on cost? Hello Nick, I used Expedia a few time and found it very straightforward. There are no additional charges for a reservation I made.

I' m always checking if it' s cheap to book directly through a hotel or airline, or if making a reservation directly brings me a better value and maybe even some add-ons they only provide for instant reservations. Since then I have travelled on expedia flight and stayed in a hotel.

After you have reserved your tickets, you will have a few week to reserve additional discounted accommodations. It is very simple and comfortable to make a reservation via expedia, they are dependable. In one case they were even much less expensive than directly reserving the same tickets with the airlines. Hello, we have travelled to Bali many time on Expedia, found it less expensive than a separate reservation, I think they have to buy airfares if they are inexpensive and share them out. We have just 2 more trips on Expedia in the last fortnight.

Bali was not bookable through Expedia, but many other travels without any problem. While some traveling, the parcel has become less expensive than just the airfares alone, which at the moment I thought it might not be real, but it was all good when the timing came to travelling, and I will keep using Expedia if the fare is right!

Hello Ive posted traveling with Expedia without really having any trouble and sometimes you can get some astonishing offers I have a plane ride home from Perth and 3 overnight accommodations in January 2016 fly Virgin for $250. It is sometimes less expensive to buy the plane tickets directly from the airlines and the hotels from other sites like Agoda, booking.com etc. It is a little like fishmonger.

All I have found with Expedia is that if you need to get in touch with them, it can be difficult to talk to a call center in India. I also found out when you buy a cheap airfare through their website, such as Airasia, and you want to eat or choose a place to sit, the reservation number Expedia gives you is not recognized by the Airasia website and they usually tell you to call the agents for the add-on.

Many of my acquaintances buy packages only through Expedid for the simplicity of a trade. I' d also endorse the use of Expedia. It' easy, very user-friendly and it' s financially advantageous to book a parcel. "is financially advantageous.

Look, Expedia's great. Expedia is seldom the most affordable air and hotel service provider. They are often at the upper end of the fare structure and do not offer any further discounts on the airlines' own fares. Usually I use Agoda, but Expedia for the first and last use in December. For a 5* Nusa Dua resin I found a lot through Expedia, I always look for the same resin on different reservation pages to make comparisons and get the best prices, I couldn't find the resin or trade on another site, so of course I posted it through Expedia.

Payments went through, I got a reservation acknowledgement and everything seemed to be okay until 4 day later I got an e-mail for them saying that they could not keep the reservation because the rooms were no longer available. A long history in brief, many e-mails and many phone conversations, which I made sure they kept the reservation, as they were obliged to convert us (a 4-person family) from the initial default room into a grand palace room, because that was all that remained in the resortc.

but Expedia charged an added $2,000. I' ve reserved for my next journey to Bali on Sunday. Select either flight only, or just hotels or packages. Please click on the desired city and follow the instructions. They can call Expedia themselves and also make bookings over the telephone.

EXDEDIA is one of a kind because it allows you to combine flight and lodging bookings, other sites like Agoda are only for lodging.

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