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Do you need a hotel in Banner Elk, North Carolina? ((Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times). It' just me or are those Expedia banners that appear right over the item you really want to read off! Now Expedia Media Solutions thinks like a publisher.

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Our displays promotions are designed to address a precise target group, using our first parties and traveller intents and help our affiliates contact key travelers throughout their entire mile. Through our worldwide web site ecosystem, we provide literally unlimited access to our customers and provide our customers with access to our hundred of industry standards IAB and customized ad placements to help them find, impact, or transform the perfect traveller.

Regular IAB placings are available through our worldwide distribution system. As well as IAB rankings, we also offer you customised ad formats with which you can incorporate your brand messages and creativity into the website. We have fast-response ad placement that adapts to any type of phone, whether on your desk, on your tray, or on your cell phone, so you can view your travelers' positions on any of them.

The Expedia Brand portfolio enables marketers to extend their coverage across Expedia, Inc. trademarks. Brand messaging remains in the foreground throughout the entire trip. Contact our online advisors to find out how best to address, impact and transform your audiences.

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What is the duration of a marketing strategy? Whilst we try to get ad creatives up and running as quickly as possible, this leads the way to identifying, addressing and resolving creativity problems before they are implemented. Contact your campaigns managers to talk about the exact schedule for your campaigns. Can new creatives be brought in after the start of a campaig?

When we create new advertisements for you, please talk to your customer advisor about possible charges. Can I exchange creatively? Creativity can be changed once a month for free or at any moment to refresh an offering. If I don't have the creativity I need for my campaigns, what happens?

Are you designing advertisements for on-line marketing promotions? Yes, we can create the layout of the layout element (banners, skip pages, etc.). This is something you should talk to your customer advisor about, and we can include your desing enquiry in your advertising order. When we want Expedia, Inc. to create a banner ad, what information do you need from us?

Some other Expedia trademarks allow you to link to your website with a few exclusions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your account manager for further information tailored to your particular needs. On the basis of the elements of your campaigns, your campaigns specialists provide you with a guide to what is needed. When Expedia or Hotels.com creates the home page, how much feedback do I get?

They have the ability to make available suggested contents, pictures and feedbacks for the entire message, but we are following a templated approach. Which sizes should I submit for the skip page? View the specifications for your imaginative unit(s) in our Resource Center.com acc. And if you don't have an Expedia Partner Central bankroll, please log in with your current HotelExtranet username and passcode.

What does a campaigne run? Campaigns fees depend on the timeframe, placement, number of images and level of the desired exposition. If you would like a quote tailored to your promotional needs, please do not hesitate to ask your customer advisor. All Expedia Media Solutions affiliates are required to make payment within 30 business day of receiving each and every bill that appears on the same.

Expedia Travel will then accept cheques and bank transfer to pay affiliate merchant bills. To where do we ship our payments? Dallas, TX 75284-7677. EXDEDIA Inc. Account no. 3751606213, Bank of America, SWIFT code: Invoicing questions should be sent to the Expedia customer quote at expar@expedia.com.

These measures originate from printed advertisements. "Composite: Advertisers and purchasers often call banner ads and other types of designed advertisements "the creatives". "Since the creatives need creativity and dexterity from a third person, they often arrives too early to prepare for a new start to the team.

The number of Expedia users who see the ad on a page. A job placement order is a official, print order for an advertising campaignm. The advertising order usually includes the name of the advert iser, the website that receives the order and the scheduler or purchaser who places the order, the advertisements to be placed (or who will place them), the ad size, the start and end date of the ad campaign, the CPM, the overall costs, the rebates to be used and the report requests, and any fines or provisions relating to the non-delivery of the impression.

Stock is the aggregate number of ad visits or footage that a site must be selling over a given timeframe (typically, the stock is calculated monthly). Expedia's top banner offers are 468 x 60 pixel in size. That is, when an ad is running a certain amount of money for a certain position.

It' the opposite of a CPM advertising campaig. Unique user is a user who sees the ad or page for the first tim.

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