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America's Favourite BEACH 2017 A beach holiday captures something unique when it comes to the joy of travelling. A good beach holiday is what we like and when the heat is gone we look for the best places to see the sunset in our favourite time. To find the right places, we analysed ten thousand interviews with society, filtered out trend among beach visitors and the Expedia 2017 flip-flop report.

In this yearly poll the visitors' tastes, fears, attitude and wishes are shown when it comes to the best and worse in the sands. The results for this year show that the USA is the leader in favourite beach, with Florida, California and Hawaii the highest.

In judging the main determinants for beach holidaymakers, we found humans talk most about the Internet about these beautiful sands and what they had to provide, from pristine and secure to accessible and recreational. If you are looking for a beach that is more than just a beach, there are many things you should consider.

Here is our not to miss beach shortlist for this year. Discussions about communicative medias have shown that these are the most important factor for the beach and the places where they can be found: clear water is ticking all the crates about what folks are looking for on a beach. Take your animals to this neat and secure beach city, where good meteorological conditions and a relaxing ambience welcome every one.

It is also considered by many to be one of the most accessible beach holidays. Family loves this beach for adventure like Captain Memo's Pirates Cruise, where children can watch dolphins while the children get their faces decorated and search for treasures with the pirates team. One of the best beach holidays for a family, but its charm does not stop at the end of the board.

Frenchy`s South Beach Café, where traditional seafront dishes such as Hummer Taco and roasted Calamari leaves guests full and serene. It' not just a show on MTV, it's one of America's most loved beachs. If you' re tired of chill out on your beach towels, hire a CB Saltwater Outfitters for a relaxing outing on the beach or take part in a thrilling sail.

Relaxing is the order of the day at Atlantic Beach, where local people and travellers like to take their time. When you are ready to rest on the unspoilt beach, go to the Beaches Town Center for shoppingapy. Leave your algae down at an Atlantic beach must: You can expect a chilled, handmade ale, warm local people and an original kitchen.

If you are in Naples Beach, do it like the natives and enjoy it by sea. Alternatively, for a must-try Naples paper clip heading down southern city for Pelican Bend Restaurant & Marina. Miami's beach scenery is renowned, and these two sandy beaches are on the A-list. This is Miami, our top -of-the-line city map, and the trendiest beach in the world.

Many photographers are present on this beautiful beach, where the colourful colorful pool attendant contrasts with a sandy screen. Adventure you will find in Key Biscayne if you are not the kind that will stand still for a long time. Climb onto the Laguna Beach Trolley and take a city sightseeing trip or get your own wheelset from Laguna Beach Electric Bike Rental.

Do you like to study? Do a free historic walk and see the Annenberg Community Beach House. At Marion Davies Guest House you can explore part of the region's glorious past, and there's something for everyone - from play areas to beach volley and tenis courses to a long pools.

The mealtime should take you to Cha Cha Cha Cha Chicken, where beach vibrations predominate and Carribean and Mediterranean food meet in the kitchen. The city of San Diego has a great diversity of beach adventures, but these two have moved to the top of the discussion about the best of the best. Approximately 15 leagues due to the city center of San Diego, the upper class neighbourhood of La Jolla is home to nice sandy shores, tidal swimming and many funny things to do.

Southwards of San Diego lies the enchanting municipality of Coronado. Combine a delicious lunch with a view of the Gulf of Candelas to end the days at one of California's most relaxed beach resorts. Santa Cruz is a place where individualism is a way of living, and travellers who are enjoying a place with a cranky mind will adore the charisma of this town.

Enjoy a sunny afternoon on the sands of Santa Cruz Harbor Beach, and if you fancy some fun, visit the enchanting and fun Beach Boardwalk. You can see more of the area from a place on the Santa Cruz Beach Train that takes you from the beach to the woods in the city of Roaring Camp.

A re-created 1880s lumberjack' campsite that is far from the busy beach, but it's only a 6 mile drive! The Whalers Village stores can arrange you for a sandy night out along quieter stretches of water, and Leilani's on the Beach is home to Aloha Hour, and what better than a good dinner with a sundown?

Famous for its year-round suntan, Poipu has several beautiful sandy spots to discover, and many different outdoor pursuits to keep you occupied. The Poipu Beach Park is ideal for a picnic, and a fast 6 mile northbound drive to The Fresh Shaving Sunshade is an integral part of the walk. When you feel sun-drenched, take shelter at Poipu Shopping Village, where swimwear stores and fine arts stores come together.

Brennecke`s Beach Broiler is right on the beach for supper, and the view of the assassin is complemented by delicious seafood, lighter meals and hearty beef. Waikiki is an undisputedly favourite place with its many Oahu resort and hotel establishments, and it is very obvious why visitors are so dressed here.

You can relax on the renowned beach, but there are also activities along the coast. Discover the Kalakaua Avenue with its many stores and dining places, or take a beach boy to Waikiki Beach Services to windsurf the tranquil water of Waikiki Beach. Luvstadt's sandy beach offers the best possible setting for all types of cruising.

Snorkelling, kayaking or SUP with Kailua Beach Adventures are also available. Once dry, you can buy the most exquisite pork marinade on the Hibachi supermarket, which you can barbecue on the beach. Which are your favourite sands in the USA? We will reimburse writers for their works published on this website, such reimbursement may involve travelling and other outlays.

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