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You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed your booking. Confirmation API Definition - Expedia QuickConnect Booking Retrieval & Confirmation API If a client comes back to Expedia to verify his booking, or if he receives confirmation or update e-mails for his booking, Expedia must provide the hotel's confirmation number. Availability of the confirmation number ensures proper receipt and confirmation of the booking by the hospitality system, thus increasing the trust of customers at check-in.

Confirmation number also facilitates reconciliation between Expedia and the hospitality for billing and tracing needs. Booking Confirmation (BC) Application Programming Language (API) is the procedure that EQC partner must follow to make the confirmation number of the accommodation available to Expedia for all reservations requested via the BR interfaces. Non-confirmed reservations will be returned by e-mail or facsimile at the end of the booking period.

Use the Booking Confirmation API to validate electronic requests (reservations, changes, and cancellations). Acknowledgement numbers must be entered before the booking expires. Otherwise the booking will be made by e-mail or facsimile. Expedia's booking process policy is built around the booking window: If you arrive the same night (based on the middle of the night in the hotels time zone ): your booking expires 30 min after it has been made by the client.

Next arrivals (all reservations made between 12:00 and 23:59:59 the night before your check-in, depending on the time zone of the hotel): reservations are forfeited 60 min after they have been made by the client. If the booking is made within a longer period, the booking expires 24 hrs after its completion by the client. Confirmation numbers can be up to 8 working nights after the guest's date of travel for reservations already made.

Booking Confirmation (BC RQ) enables EQC affiliates to submit confirmation numbers for new, changed and/or canceled reservations to Expedia Inc. You can use the 0@xmlnsURLNamespace associated with this mail. Is also used to invalidate the history of the scheme on which this notification is made. BC-RQ news namespace: http://www.expediaconnect. com/EQC/BC/2007/09Valid name space specified by at least one BC Sheme.

1Authentication - Information needed to allow the Expedia QuickConnect port to be accessed - saved in the next two properties. 1@user nameStringusername for Expedia QuickConnect Logon (case-sensitive), provided by Expedia. Expedia QuickConnect Logon 1@passwordStringPassword (case-sensitive) provided by Expedia. This is a 1@idIntegerHotel ID that has been specified by Expedia and identifies a characteristic in the Expedia system. In the Expedia system, the hospitality ID is mapped to the logon information specified in the Authentication group.

TypeEnumType of the booking set. "Post" for new postings, "Change" for changed postings and "Reverse" for reversed postings. You must assign the same new, changed or reversed posting as for this posting method. Request-number for this booking 2@confirmNumberStringHotel. Effective date/time between posting date and present.

Confirmation for booking confirmation (BC RS) contains a profit or loss or error report for confirming a new, changed or canceled booking. Notice that a successful report may contain a alert that should call for the EQC party to take measures. If a booking confirmation requests a confirmation for 5 postings, a reply is returned for each alert or failure with extra hub.

item is displayed if the requirement to refresh availabilities and tariffs was met. The appearance of this item means that the posting requirement was successfully entered at Expedia but the posting could not be performed. If, for example, the booking does not correspond to the specified hospitality, a message is sent to warn you that the upgrade was rejected.

Booking-ID created by Expedia. Unambiguously IDs a posting. Is used to associate changes and cancellation with original booking in the hospitality system - must be kept in the hospitality system. TypeEnumType of the booking set. "Post" for new postings, "Change" for changed postings and "Reverse" for reversed postings. Confirmation number for this booking.

Detailled explanation of an errormessage. In order to successfully refresh a booking with a confirmation number, the following EQC validation is used for each confirmation sent in the BC-RQ message: Confirmation number is more current than any available confirmation number for the booking. If the EQC party is sending two BC queries for the same posting, for example, EQC checks the time stamp contained in the notification and ensures that the most current one is used.

You can change the booking in the confirmation to reflect the new, changed or canceled state. Please be aware that if a client changes a booking before Expedia transmits the booking information to the EQC party in a booking request notification, the confirmation booking method should still be marked "Book", as the first shipment of a booking to the EQC party is always new.

For the BC-RQ messages, an extra validator ensures that no more than 10 confirmation numbers are sent. 1000Access denied: You are not allowed to use Expedia QuickConnect. To get into Expedia, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Do not try this report again. Do not try this report again. Check the user name and passcode that have been set up in your application's user name.

2002Parsing error: The Expedia QuickConnect specifications have been corrected in order to conform to the Expedia QuickConnect standard. EQC affiliate system development should be included to find the issue. Proofread the name space and submit a new messages. You should be aware that name ranges are used for versioning Expedia Express services interface. EQC affiliate system development should be included to find the issue.

Fix the system fault and let this warning fall (no further attempt). EQC affiliate system development should be included to find the issue. 3301Update denied. You cannot send more than 10 confirmation numbers in a mail. Fewer confirmation numbers should be provided in a unique BC-RQ notification.

Re-send the numbers by dividing them into several enquiries and making sure that none of the enquiries contains more than 10 reservations. 10080Update rejected. The booking ID cannot be found. EQC affiliate has asked for a booking ID that Expedia QuickConnect cannot access. Check the booking ID and sign in to Partners Central for more information about the booking.

Please be aware that a booking is deleted from Expedia QuickConnect 8 working nights after the guest's arrival and is no longer available for either e-call or e-confirmation. 10081Update rejected. Inconsistent BC RQ and Booking ID: The BC RQ does not have the same ID as the corresponding one.

EQC party has sent a confirmation number for a booking that does not correspond to the BC RQ specified hotels. Check your system's behaviour or check your booking ID/hotel ID association information. 10100Update rejected. We do not have the same booking method as the one we have saved in our system for this booking ID ().

Check your QuickConnect deployment and make sure that the booking ID you entered in the email is really the one you want to validate. You can find the booking method to be sent together with the booking ID in the BR RS output. 10101Update rejected. The confirmation of booking must be sent no later than 8 working nights after the guest's arrival.

10102Booking confirmation rejected for booking because a newer variant of this booking is waiting for being called. For the latest booking information, please make a booking enquiry and then submit the latest booking confirmation number. The confirmation should either be rejected if it is not relevant due to the modification waiting for polling, or retransmitted after the booking has been retrieved.

10103[ Confirmation Number] booking confirmation rejected because you have already acknowledged this booking 3x. Retrospective confirmation will be rejected. Attempt to validate the same booking entity more than 3 attempts. Only 3 different confirmation numbers can be sent for a booking entity (each change or reversal being treated as a single booking version).

We recommend that you only provide us with a confirmation number once per booking entity, or if the actual confirmation number changes. If you need to change the confirmation number more than 3x for a booking entity, please do not hesitate to do so. Don't try this alert again. We have been informed of the problem and will work to find a resolution.

4206Expedia QuickConnect port is momentarily shut down.

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