Expedia Booking multiple Destinations

EXDEDIA booking of several destinations

Is it possible to book international trips or trips to more than one destination using the online booking tool? The Expedia company specialises in the booking of tours and sports activities. Information about the best destinations and events can be found in our Dreamguides. Find out about the flight status of Gulf Air and book with Expedia. Choose from several car rental classes depending on size and equipment available only in Australia.

Book flights with Expedia

With Expedia, you can: Choose whether you want to travel in one direction, return or to multiple destinations. If you want to travel to New York City, for example, you can stop at John F. Kennedy Airport or LaGuardia Airport, whichever is nearer your precise end.

Expedia maintains lists of most of our customers' aircraft, including Air Canada, Westjet, American Airlines, United Airlines.... Expedia lists most of them. Check out our flight offers by date, flight and more. From your web navigator, go to www.expedia.com and click on the Flight tab at the top of the screen. To choose which service you would like to reserve, click on one of the icons above.

Click on the button below to choose your mode. Click on the fields below and enter your place of origin, the date and hour of your journey, followed by your place of destination, the date of your journey and the period of your journey. The dropdown menu below these fields must also be clicked to indicate how many persons of certain ages will take this one.

By clicking View Additional Options, you can decide whether you want to look for non-stop-only or refundable tickets. They can also opt for a preferential carrier or seat group. Once you have completed all the information, click Find to find a ticket. - PriceYou can also click the checkboxes on the lefthand side to sort your results:

We used a strainer in our example here so we only see planes going from Lester B. Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada, to LaGuardia Airport in New York, USA. Please be aware that the rates shown here apply to your trip if you choose the cheapest departure ticket; some returns may be slightly more costly.

Please also be aware that pricing may differ depending on the Expedia website you use. For this example we use Expedia. ca (the CAD version), so the price is in C$. When you find a trip you like, click Choose. Next you're looking for a plane back. The same sorting and filtering options are available as when you search for a first-ticket.

Right-click Choose next to a ticket that works for you. You now see a synopsis of your previous booking and the option of adding further benefits. If you are satisfied with what you have achieved so far, scroll down and click Resume Booking. Make sure that you fill in your details exactly as they appear on your identity card or driving licence (depending on what you present to the airlines when you arrive at the airport).

Once you have completed all your details, click Resume Booking. So click in each field and choose your name, your name as it will appear on the map, your name, your expiry date (month and year), your ID number (click on What is it? for help in locating it).

Then click on "Billing address" in each of the checkboxes and enter your name, your name, your postal codes and your name. You must then tell Expedia where to post your booking receipt. Then click on the field next to "Email Address" and enter the e-mail to be contacted by Expedia.

If you do not want Expedia to provide you with additional offerings, you can also click the checkbox here to uncheck it. Otherwise, click Finish Booking to get a verification e-mail. Congratulation on booking your flights with Expedia! When you need a room to make your booking, please see our Expedia booking guide.

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