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NEW: You can now rate in real time! Best 10 Ratings from Expedia Car Hire NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had an utterly horrible expedia experiance where they basically cheated $180 of my moneys and provided utterly no service. Terrible service to the customers. I' ve hired a car through Expedia and Europcar. Before I arrived to pick up the car I phoned Europcar to validate the vehicle category'VW VW Gulf or similar', which said that there was never a VW Gulf in this class, and to get a Gulf or similar, I would have to charge an additional 15 per cent.

At best, promoting a vehicle class in which the car does not exists is deceptive publicity from Expedia. On arriving in the car to pick up my car, I was told that I would be billed an additional 1000 pounds as I was a UK national resident in the USA at the manager's option.

It was not in detail in the renting conditions and has never occurred to me before when I used Expedia for earlier Avis car rentals. Since it was a returnable security bond, I went ahead with the renting and accepted this laughable fee. Then I was notified that despite full car hire cover through my major car hire I would not be able to hire the car unless I have Europcar's own car hire policy at an extra 25 per cent per annum.

This was also not described anywhere in the lease and has never occurred in previous lettings by Expedia. It was at this point that I assumed that the field agent was trying to charge too high a fee for work. Then I said I would be cancelling the reservation and the Europcar agent consented that this was the best course of action and added to the dossier an indication as to why my UK nationality in America prevented me from renting from them as I still wore a UK driving licence but a US Icard.

Europcar salesman then pulled me over when I was about to go and said: "Let me see if I can make you a trade outside Expedia, oh look, it's 278 for the car hire, will we do that instead? At best, this is non-professional, and I can only suspect that this whole charade mentioned above was commissioned and would rather be sold in person than via Expedia.

I walked without a car with the confirmation of the Europcar agent that everything had to be canceled by Expedia, and everything was fine at the end of Europcar. When I got home 30 mins later, I phoned Expedia's client base. I spoke to a lady who spoke to me for 45 mins on the telephone and spoke to Europcar twice.

With this call, she acknowledged that the reimbursement was fully handled and would be in my banking accounts within 5 workdays. Then 3 day later I got an e-mail from Expedia. It was totally out of the blue as the client agent said the case was over, the reimbursement would be handled and paid within 5 working hours.

I' m deeply appalled by Expedia's total failure of professionality, because that should never happen. This deception is still in progress two week after this first e-mail, and Expedia now refuses to make the reimbursement on the ground that Europcar will not reimburse the funds they promised on the telephone to Expedia's service team.

Since Expedia has consented to reimburse me the full amount, I should not be involved in any of these problems. When a salesman then retires, he should claim back on Expedia, not me.

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