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Simple reservations for airport shuttles and ground transportation Plan your trip with Expedia. Hello, you can discuss rental extensions directly with Expedia. What can I do to modify a car rental booking?

Cancellation of most car rental bookings is possible at any moment without penalties. You cannot change car bookings, but you can change your car and change it in your travel plan. In order to reverse a car rental booking, go to My Routes and open the route that contains the booking to be canceled.

Select Reverse this vehicle and check the reversal on the next page. When cancelling a rental car that is part of a rental car plan, please read the terms and conditions in your travel plan. While your feedbacks do not receive a reply from the customer support staff, we use your feedbacks to help us enhance our FAQ.

For any questions regarding arrival or reservation, please contact us at 1-877-222-6492.

Expedia: Is it possible to renew my rental car?

Hello, you can talk directly with Expedia about rental renewals. The quickest way to contact an Expedia sales rep - call Expedia here. This better help! These are just a few samples of the type of question we have been asked or issues that have been raised by you: you are the user: Expedia: If I can renew my rental car; please call me to change my trip ***-*******-******; I tried to book a trip, but the "We confirm your booking" page was almost a....; *-Weeeek ago I book this accommodation with free cancellation before one of the days of check-in..... I want about....; I haven't received my reimbursement yet, and I'm beginning to worry because the Expedia agent....; I took out a policy on my travel...; I have an airfare....

To complete these tasks will take an approximate 110 min, which includes the amount of work required to complete each task and contact Expedia. It all began with contact information and the quickest ways to get in touch with people in large corporations. It was from there that we realised that the consumer needed even more help in resolving the most frequent issues, and so we extended our offer to this guide, which is growing every single working day.

In case you have other difficulties or queries and cannot find the answer here, please let us know. Every diurnal we write new step-by-step instructions for such a problem. If you find any problem with our Can I expand my car rental? guidebook, please let us know by email.

You, the client, provide our free information and utilities.

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