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Check the real prices for current vehicles before you visit the dealer. Expedia: How to promote the sale of purchasing trips through the use of automated CRM systems

RIANCHO MIRAGE, CA - An Expedia Manager at the 2015 Summit said that Cellular Marketing Robotics allows the company to personalise press alerts, email and in-application news, improving the purchasing experience and boosting sales. The manager debated how Expedia designed the cooperation with the customer in a target-oriented, pertinent and value-adding manner.

Leaving the era of off-the-shelf e-mail blasting to whole communities, the use of wireless marketplace automating platform is a way to promote personal interactions that will eventually lead to increased revenue when customers find offerings or services that offer additional experience to their travels. Advertisers are becoming more and more interested in buying trips on their mobiles, so on-line agencies like Expedia have the unprecedented ability to promote the sale of transport, activity and accommodation through focused shopping promotions.

Expedia is able to build personalised promotions that include promotional activities such as in-app news, press alerts and email by collecting accurate information such as desired destination, trip data and fidelity member states. One example of this is Expedia, which sends a possible route to a nearby holiday destination in Hawaii.

When clients discover a range of activity they want to do during their journey, they can simply click through and buy the packs within the Expedia application or website. The sale of transport can also be promoted through sales to managers travelling to and from the airports for the occasion.

EXEDIA is able to suggest a car hire service that the users can include in their itinerary. It has partnered with the Leanplum handheld mobility marketplace to further increase the speed of trying this type of personalised, sales-oriented message. "We' re checking every single advertising strategy and every point of contact we have with our customers," said Mr Krause.

Last June, Expedia increased its mobility with a number of new application functions such as the option to rent a car, a "Book Now, Paid Later" function and a newly designed start page (see Story). The use of AppsOffering a retail-optimized application is a key component of a winning marketing strategy.

As the use of apps has increased, there will be even more acceptance this year, which means that makes have a great chance of increasing sales that cannot be neglected. Another important issue is that the consumer should not remove an application from their primary portable property.

Leanplum says that three out of ten people use a portable application only once after having spent three minute on it. "The most significant change in the way we market in over a decade," said Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum's San Francisco-based chief executive officer and co-founder. Opening levels for bulk email have also fallen by 25%, demonstrating that non-personalised email has become less popular with the consumer.

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