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This is how you can contact us: Here you will find all contact information for Expedia. elgorton@expedia.com. Please contact the hotel directly if you have any questions regarding the hotel's fees for late or partial payment of hotel bookings. The Expedia is a travel website that allows users to book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and other holiday packages online at a reduced price.

Is Expedia charging any booking fees?

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The Expedia is a website that allows travelers to make reservations for airfares, hotel, car hire, cruise and other holiday package deals at a reduced rate. If you make a trip purchasing through Expedia, you prepay and get a reservation number and an e-mail with full details of your itinerary.

There are several ways to do this if you need to contact Expedia Client Services to make changes to your route or for any other reasons. Call Expedia Member Services at 800-397-3342. You can use the automatic call forwarding system to route your call to the right member of the call desk by pressing the number on your phone's keyboard that matches the right number.

Go to the Expedia website (expedia.com) to contact Expedia by emailed. Complete the on-line application with your details and remarks and send your e-mail to Expedia. If you have any queries, remarks or grievances, please contact Expedia:

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As you know, the nearer your initial date of travel, the more difficult it will be. I' ve also sent them a note on FaceBookbook. But I haven't changed my flight. What was the initial purpose of your flight bookings through Expedia Brazil?

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Partnership with Expedia

See below to contact the appropriate channels. The use of Expedia as a sales tool is important and not a website that can be ignored with ease. However, it is hard to find assistance on-line to maximise Expedia revenue. Thought it would be useful to have a set of articles describing some of the important detail on how to get going with Expedia and how to take full command of your website offers to make sure you don't get lost.

Logging in to Expedia means logging in to several websites at the same time. Register with Expedia.com, hotels.com and venere.com. Real estate seems to need to register directly with Expedia to appear in Venere.com results. In order to start, the procedure is quite easy. You can also contact Expedia, but you must either fill in the information on hard copy and return it by facsimile or telephone.

Once all the papers have been completed, you must still subscribe to a signed agreement to begin with them. It is up to you to make the stock of booked appointments, modify prices for specific events and monitor bookings. Note the different ways to receive bookings from Expedia.

Pre-booking information can be received either by facsimile or via Expedia QuickConnect, which will send the booking directly to your CRS. A QuickConnect usually has an extra charge of $2.00 or so per booking for transferring the information below to your Real Estate Management System. If your real estate is in operation and you have booking issues or need to shut down your stock when the electricity goes out, the best way to contact someone at Expedia is by telephone or facsimile.

It' hard to find this information on-line and it's not easy to find it in the Hotel Extranet for Expedia. For example, you can find it by executing a Rooming List Program, but who wants to run a program just to get the contact number? EXDEDIA support: You can use the support line to get help close stock or make reservations that need to be resent.

Marketing management is great for raising the profile of your real estate in advertisements (e.g. with Expedia Special Rates). Do you have a question about your partnership with Expedia?

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