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Learn how partnering with Expedia Group can help your property generate global demand, attract different travelers and maximize revenue potential. "We" or "us" want you to know what information we gather about you, how the information is used and what options you have regarding the gathering and use of the information. "We" or "us" want you to know what information we gather about you, how the information is used and what options you have regarding the gathering and use of the information. We use this Privacy Policy (the "Policy") to describe our practice with respect to information we gather over the telephone and through our Web sites, software programming interface (API) and portable apps (collectively, the "Web Site").

If you have any questions, please take a few moments to read this Privacy Statement and contact us. We therefore recommend that you check this website from an occasional basis for changes to our policies. WHICH TYPES OF INFORMATION DO WE GATHER ABOUT THEM? We collects personally identifiable information and non-personal information about the website.

Personally identifiable information is information that personally identifies you. Non-personally identifiable information is aggregate data, demographics, IPs and any other information that does not disclose your unique identifier. Your Information The following kinds of personally identifiable information may be collected: The information you provide when ordering credit-related information via the website.

You may be asked to provide your name, postal code, national insurance number, date of your birthday, phone number and e-mail adress. Learn about your kids when they enroll for ID control devices. As a parent or tutor, for example, you must enter the child's first and last name, his or her national insurance number and date of delivery in order to be able to record the baby at the bank.

Bank and direct-debit credit and charge information that you or your bank information collects when you log in to our charge d-registration products. We may, for example, gather your bank and credit information from you on our websites, on the telephone and from your local 3 Nationwide Lending Bureaus to void your membership in case of loss or theft upon your inquiry.

If you make a sale through the Website, we may record your name, your name, your bank details or other bank details, your invoice information and other information in connection with such a sale (collectively, "Payment Information"). Any other information we gather, such as the mother's birthplace and name, will be used to help us validate your identification in case you lose your registration information for our on-line product.

The information you give us through our client support and general comment. Videos you make available to us, such as comments on our goods and our provision of our own goods and provision of our own publicity, or any other similar contents you make available to us via film. Non-personally identifiable information. If you are visiting the website, we may gather non-personal data, such as a catalogue of the pages you have visited on the website.

Non-personally identifiable information is generally gathered through the Site from the following sources: servers logging data, environment variable, accident logging, cookie, pixel tag and other similar technology, portable application developer kit, promotional identifier, hardware identifier and information that you volunteer to use. Is a number that is allocated to the computer or other equipment you use from your ISP.

That number is stored in our automatic protocol file on our web site when you access it, together with the time of your visits and the page(s) you were on. We use your Internet Protocol (IP) number and the Internet Protocol (IP) number of all our visitors for the purpose of computing website utilization, diagnosing website severity issues and managing the website.

Both we and our third-party vendors may also gather certain environment variable information such as computer or equipment types (Windows or Macintosh), display resolutions, OS versions, web browsers, mobile operators, Wi-Fi states, and web browsing versions. Much of this environment variable is gathered by most webbrowers and can be used to enhance your website to the full.

We may compile information from crashed protocols created in case our wireless application crashes while in use. Computer failure protocols record certain information about your machine and the activity of your machine at the moment of the accident, but do not contain any personally identifiable information.

A Web site uses a Web browser to send a Web site to a person's computer for recording and use. We use cookies and related technology to gather and save information, to adapt the experience of users and to monitor the use of the website by visitors. When you do not want information to be gathered through the use of the cookies, most web browser have easy ways that allow you to clear available or locally stored faxes, refuse or accept the transmission of a particular browser to you.

Pixels tags allow us to track the number of people who have accessed certain pages of the site, offer branding service, offer on-line promotion and measure the impact of promotions or promotions. In combination with the use of a cookie and other technology, pixel tags allow us to manage and enhance our website and its contents, which includes monitoring the movement of visitors to the website, collecting information and statistical information about the use of the website, logging in or logging in to our service, storing visitors' preference settings and customizing it.

Both we and our third-party vendors may use portable application developers' packages ("SDKs") to gather events characteristics within the portable application that are similar to the environment variable captured by most web-browsers that may contain common site information (derived from the IP address), equipment manufacturers, and display size and width. Both we and our third-party vendors may gather promotional identifications ("Advertising IDs") that may be produced by the OS of a wireless enabled devices.

When we, our third-party vendors, associated companies and/or unaffiliated third party hosting our goods and providing our own software hosting to you, we may gather information about your equipment when you visit the Site, such as a equipment ID or other identification that is authorized by the equipment vendor. Any information you volunteer. Non-personally identifiable information (e.g. your geographical position, etc.) is also collected when you volunteer to give it to us.

If this information is not used in combination with your own information, it is deemed non-personal information because it does not uniquely identifiy you or other people. We may also collect information about you in such a way that the end result does not uniquely identifies you or any other website visitor, for example, by using information about you to determine the proportion of our visitors with a specific area/phone number.

Any such information gathered shall be deemed to be non-personal data for the purpose of this Directive. We would like to point out that if we use non-personally identifiable information in combination with personally identifiable information, it will be handled by us as personally identifiable information for as long as it is used. WHAT DO WE USE THE INFORMATION GATHERED? Your Information

Personally identifiable information we gather may be used in the following ways: The information we gather about you may be used to supply you with goods, information or information that you solicit. We may use your personally identifiable information from we may from times to times to send you important information about the Site or changes to our policy and notices.

We may use your personally identifiable information from we may from times to times to inform you of any product, program, service or promotional activity we think may be of interest to you. We may use your personally identifiable information, complete with payment information, to complete your order. Usually we ask you for certain information when you participate in a campaign and possibly won.

They should check thoroughly the policies, if any, of any promotion you take part in through the Site, as they may contain important extra information about our use of personally identifiable information. Where the provisions and provisions of these provisions on the processing of data relating to individuals are inconsistent with this Directive, the provisions and provisions of these provisions shall apply.

Likewise, we may use your information for our own in-house operations, such as analyzing and auditing it. We may also use your information to improve our information and to provide our clients with specific promotional opportunities. PERSONNEL INFORMATION. We may use this information for any reason, as non-personal information does not uniquely identifiy you.

Furthermore, we retain the right to pass on such non-personal data to other third party for any use. We may in some cases aggregate non-personal information with individual-related information. In the event that we aggregate non-personal data with person-related data so that they identify you individually, the aggregate data will be handled by us as person-related data for as long as it is collected.

Together with our business partner and marketers, we may supplement and/or aggregate your personally identifiable information with information from other resources and use it for purposes of our own internal and/or external advertising and, where legally permissible, for customized referral and use. If we supplement and/or combine such personally identifiable information with information from other resources, we will take appropriate measures to preserve the accuracy and security of such information.

WILL WE SHARE INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTY? Information about you may be disclosed to related and unrelated third party. The information we gather may be shared with our affiliates to deliver the product (s) you have requested, to better tailor our product to your needs and to improve it from case to case for promotional use.

We collaborate with other businesses to bring you goods or service or to fulfil the goods or service you have ordered. We may share your personally identifiable information and/or non-personal or unidentified information we have gathered about you with such third Parties for the purpose described in this policy. We collaborate with third persons who are offering our clients a wide range of analytical, order processing, order processing, order processing and other administration related activities.

If you choose to opt out, we may share your personally identifiable information with such third party in order to enable them to perform our work. Included in these offerings are: sales promotion, e-mail mailing lists, promotions, specific products functionality, client care, web hostings, client information administration and improvement, fulfilment needs (e.g., organizations that execute orders or co-ordinate mailings), research and survey, analytics, and e-mailing.

All information we gather from website visitors may be transferred to a partner or a third person in the case of reorganisation, mergers, sales, interests in joints ventures, assignments, transfers or other disposals of our entire company, our property or our shares (including without limiting in the context of insolvency or similar proceedings).

Except as otherwise provided in this policy, we may share your personally identifiable information with others if we deem it appropriate (a) to satisfy our obligations under applicable law; (b) to answer government inquiries; (c) to administer our general conditions; (d) to safeguard the laws, publicity, security or proprietary interests of ConsumerInfo. com, Inc.

Aggregate, non-personal or de-identified information. While we may disclose aggregate information (i.e. information about you and other clients together but not specifically identifyable to you) and other non-personal, unidentified or non-personally-identifying information that we gather to third party companies, as well as partner companies, in order to create and provide specific advertisements on our website and on the third-party sites.

It is your choice when it comes to update your information, to inform yourself about new offerings or to find out about new services or services from us, our business partner or alliances. You can unsubscribe here if you do not wish to recieve any special offer from us, our partner or partners: You can correct or update your information, such as your e-mail inbox, telephone number, postal adress, your name, your name, your name, your name, your bank details or your e-mail adress. You can do this in the "Edit Profile" section of your website membership.

We may make further adjustments or updating of your information if necessary by contact us. If you unsubscribe as described above, please be aware that we will not be able to delete your personally identifiable information from the third-party database with which we have already provided personally identifiable information at the time you unsubscribe.

When you no longer wish to receive marketing-related e-mails from third party companies, please contact these third party companies directly or use the opt-out mechanism described in their individual security guidelines or marketing-related e-mails. Unfortunately, no datatransmission over the web or a datastorage system can be 100% safe.

Should you have cause to believe that your interactions with us are no longer safe (e.g. if you believe that the safety of your password is at risk ), please inform us of the issue as soon as possible by contact us according to the "Contact Us" section below (note that if you decide to contact us by post, this will slow the amount of emails we need to receive in order to resolve the issue).

We have no influence over these external pages and all third-party Web pages that serve our goods and service, and we are not liable for the data protection policies or the content of any such external or interlinked Web site or any hyperlink included in such external or interlinked Web site. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.

Except where you submit personally identifiable information to us through an Applications Programming Interface in a third vendor's website, your transactions are conducted on the third vendor's website (not the website) and the personally identifiable information you submit is captured by that third vendor and monitored by the data protection policies.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the data protection guidelines and practice of third party providers. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO THE DATA PROTECTION OR INFORMATION PRACTICE OF THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS. The Site's accessibility may be limited, in whole or in part, at any moment and at our absolute option, to any individual, geographical area or jurisdictional venue we select.

This website is not intended for persons under the ages of eighteen (18) and we ask these persons not to make any personally identifiable information available through the website. When you are under 18 years of age you are allowed to search our website, but you may not give us any personally identifiable information such as your name, postal or e-mail addresses, and you may not sign up, log in and/or make any purchase of products.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this policy.

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