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At Egencia, every business trip counts for travelers and travel managers. M& A possible Egencia, the business travel department of Expedia Inc. Sales increased by 16% to $462 million, supported by the Orbitz for Business transaction. The Egencia Group managed $6.

3 billion in total postings last year. The business travel operator is working on "dramatically improving" its expenses managment tool for 2017, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said on Thursday in an interview with analyst.

The Egencia Group is confident that its technological investments will allow it to offer value-added solutions for business travellers whose needs are changing with time. She is convinced that she can overtake her arch-rivals Carlson Wagonlit Travel and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) cost-effectively. In order to meet this goal, Egencia is planning to recruit more vendors in the stores it operates in 2017.

In general, Khosrowshahi said the business will do more business in the next few years. The Egencia Group wants to enhance its innovative platforms. These could be businesses that allow it to better link with business travel sectors that it does not reach nowadays.

The Egencia network uses several smaller player such as Travelfusion (an airlines DCC aggregate purchased from Ctrip in 2015) for connection. Expedia Traveldoo, a French-based travel and expenses integrator, was purchased in 2011. We may be interested in other organizations that have provided cost -side services. China's travel industry is also a largely unexploited chance, even though last year's 300 billion dollars in corporate travel in China exceeded the United States.

GloBaoku, a Beijing-based corporate travel and travel cost manager offering web-based travel information solutions for corporate travellers and executives, is a leading player in this area. As Egencia views M&A, it is likely to be different from the other four major travel agencies in the world.

Amex GBT and Carlson Wagonlit seem to be looking at their blueprints from the capability to cluster volume. You can also deal with the purchase of businesses that offer them consumer-friendly connectivity rather than trying to develop these technology yourself. Last year, Concur, the corporate travel spend giants, purchased Hipmunk, the popular research mark known for its unique searching experience.

Price pressure is increasing due to the relatively consolidated airline and large group of hotels, which undermines the bargaining position of tour operators. The Carlson Wagonlit says this months it will begin to offer the client hotelcontent signing up from an external supplier,. com, alongside features it has procured itself. There is also increasing pressure on costs, as businesses have to make investments in the provision of consumer-grade interface.

Expedia colleagues also say they provide more resilient service to customers looking for more manageable travel itineraries. IBM's choice last year not to move from Orbitz for Bussiness as a ticketing solution to Egencia may have been instructive in this respect. While Amex GBT was able to win IBM as a profitable customer for other service offerings, the company won this over.

The Egencia Group intends to further prioritise the small to mid-markets. A number of airline operators and chain hotels like the approach because it is hard for them to address these businesses in an incremental and cost-effective way. Many of Egencia is outperformed by its travel managers when it comes to large account landings, which often demand a great deal of customisation, to white-labeling in the look and feel of corporate reservation sites that a scaled enterprise like Egencia relies on.

It says it will progressively attract more large customers by having more of the consumer-grade interface its staff like. Egencia's colleagues also say they can better resolve a major issue of major corporate customers, the so-called "leakage", or the issue that people who ignore corporate customers use the mandatory corporate reservation tools to make bookings at a discount price in a travel agency renegotiated by the tour operators.

In spite of all the innovations, Egencia doesn't have much to say here. Alternate accommodation is another area that Egencia is slowly adopting. Several of Egencia's travel services companies have integrated with Airbnb, while Egencia has not. GrayBer wants to incorporate the stock into the daily agent usage tool.

Competing feature rent momrektplace HomeAway is also held by Expedia, which offers apparent benefits. Gréyber says his business has taken several strides to improving its play. This is another distinguishing feature between the business and its competitors in Travel Mangement. Egencia uses major technological forums such as Sabre and Amadeus to communicate with companies and agents.

In Greener's opinion, these two businesses are "fairly well aligned with the industrial scale" in terms of technology investments and innovations. Egencia uses Sabre and Amadeus to compile and reliably find contents especially for aeration.

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