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#3,905 reviews and complaints about Expedia At Expedia I made a booking for a Hurghada based accommodation and payed on-line, calling the accommodation to confirm. I had to add $160 on my flight, I phoned Expedia customer services. It is the fault of "Expedia", after another 3 hours with Daniel, who moved me to a woman from the company staff, she told me again my problems and hung up.

I canceled my booking without my permission, thanks to Expedia for ruining my scheduled vacation, it's the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I' ll never again with you. Okay, they would call me back if I please, but good luck your getting your named answers in the first place. You are not at all responsible for your clients.

My booking company twice altered my flying hours and subsequently declined my booking. I' ve had my plane ride cancell. So I phoned Expedia because the company couldn't help me because I was booking through Expedia, not the company. Don't make a booking with Expedia. So I went ahead with a reserved airfare from them, and was unable after I bought Versicherung to my layout.

So, I phoned. After a long period on the telephone, he was able to reverse my trip and rebook the same trip with my health insurer. when I bought it I said it was because my plan could alter. I' m going to call off or switch my plane because my schedules have been altered and I've just been notified that I can't do this because I don't have a health crisis or have a familial one.

I did not make my reservation on-line. "I' m calling to get the policy, sire. Then I wouldn't have bought that goddamn plane. I' d have just cancelled it because it was within the first 24 hrs after the reservation. "I have $400 for a plane ride I can't take.

I have a different condition and I don't appreciate it when a business tells me what mitigating or not. Since I consider my position to be important enough to get even a single loan, I simply had to make a totally new booking out of my bag. Especially not from Expedia. I' ve been working in customer services for a long while.

I' ve been urged on an insurer that can do NOTHING to help me. I' ve posted everything through Expedia. I' ve been accused through Expedia. Bookings in the incorrect place at 20:54, bookings were cancelled with a Expedia 8:59 pm e-mail confirming the cancellation, Expedia could not return the cancellation to the hospital.

Next morning I get a call from the motel to see if I'm still there. Since Expedia didn't call it off, I'm billed about $200. The Expedia declined to take over. It is best to contact the hotels with every reservation and cancellation. Where can I find out that I can rely on these ratings through Expedia?

I' ve rented a vehicle in Cancun, have purchased additional cover for 55 dollars, cc. Expedia - no partnership with Europcar if you can't help me with my on-line reservation..... The way you want to handle Expedia visitors..... When I saw this, I phoned as soon as I received a text of acknowledgement.

On Monday the 21 st, my man phoned and canceled the booking. He/she will be informed that the booking has been canceled and will be sent a booking cancellation e-mail to acknowledge that the booking has been canceled. We got a bill for the motel today, I call the motel, they tell me to call Expedia.

Came to find out the agent never canceled our reservation and said my guy never called. Expert media declined to take the blame for her error. Well, the motel said there was nothing they could do about it. I' m never using Expedia again. While I was about to make a reservation with Expedia, I had an unexpected page with a New Mexico property on my docket.

Your encryption has added the wrong city to my hitlists. and they said this was Expedia to call it off. So, I phoned Expedia and did this for the reversal through the automatic system. After cancelling the contract I phoned 3-4 time and nobody could verify if I would get a refund.

and they said there was nothing they could do. and they said they were unable to refund the hospital. Now, I'm really annoyed if I lose more than $200 for poor customer support and a wrong system of algorithms.

During the Thanksgiving holidays, after trying to buy tickets for my SF to North Carolina for my whole families, I would tell everyone to stay away from Expedia at all cost. When they called Expedia and were transmitted over 3x and for a full 2.5 hour period, they couldn't tell me why there was a partially suspended trad.

They asked for a plane ticket or something to agree to my being looted for 3-5 nights, and they refused and said there was nothing they could do for me. You were completely impolite, irreverent and could care less that I could not make my reservations for 3-5 nights and did not offer me anything for a malfunction of your bookings.

Do not use EXPEDIA NO MADTER WHAT. After so many years as a member, I am booking my package in May 2017 for August 2017, from Miami to Seattle, WA, 8 hour trip to Waooo to get to the motel and find out that my first overnight stay in June was cancelled.

At the computer of the hospitality and check by the manager of the evening, shows the cancelation was made by an outside firm that has accessed the transaction, (provided it is EXPEDIA, because if it is another firm, we have a major problem). Annoyed I phoned Expedia, they could check the error with the hotels, asked me to mail the receipts and after many phone conversations and back and forth a very bad woman said to me: "We can't return your payment because you check the reservations 12 times....".

Can' t trustworthy a firm. I' ve tried to include a single overnight stay to an expedia book. There was nothing I could do on the site, so I phoned the customer service number. They phoned me back and I asked them to cancele my booking because they had problems.

EXEDIA said they can't cancelling my booking without charging me fees as this is their politics. They called me back, they talked to the motel and the motel didn't want to reverse the fee. Edemy should not wait for the hospitality to annul the fee if it is YOU who could not help me.

So I asked to talk to a superior who was VERY, VERY MUDE, and said to myself that he couldn't be held accountable for harassing someone when their system was having trouble. Yes, you should give a rebate or do something to help them. You are not customer-centered, but only PROFIT-centered.

Now, without clients, you have no profit. Being a tour operator who has been in the business for 15 years as General Managers of the major DMC in Thailand, I can clearly say that this is the poorest way to do it. Booking my trip and then cancel the credited tickets to be used for the same trip in the new year.

I was in another state when I had to buy my new tickets and what a big shock - I couldn't get into my bank and use my funds. Also, Expedia Thailand's phone number did not react at all (attempting to call from abroad and Thailand). I' ve tried using Expedia for my accommodation and flights; my plan changes within 24hrs and I' ve cancelled the accommodation and tried to cancele my reservation.

But a new non-confirmed reservation showed up on my Credit Cards they alleged I reserved. I' m supposed to know they didn't accuse me, but the motel did. I had a catastrophicexpedia call centre expertise and I had to outsource almost all my own more, CC's, cables, etc. but that was by far the biggest challenge and I didn't get a solution for the bad bookings of my Expedia auto when I went to San Diego and had to pay the costs for their error, as they of course accuse the other comany.

There was a lot of sucking out my case as I was dealing with impolite customer services agents and disabilities of heavy stressed links of land steering and top level telephone switchboard managemen. Through Expedia I reserved an airport transfer for my boyfriend, payed with Visa, received my eticket and confirm. The boyfriend comes to the airport and the carrier informs him that Expedia has cancelled his flight and he cannot use it.

Expedia did not notify me of this termination even though they had my e-mail and number. The next morning I call Expedia (I'm studying from a mate about the situation) and ask what happend, they keep me on-line for 30 minutes and look for someone who can tell me why the tickets were reversed, eventually the superintendent goes on-line and says to me that he is very sorry, but he's not sure why my tickets were reversed.

xpedia has been costing me and my boyfriend a lot of cash and a lot of trouble. It' the last I use Expedia. Today I learned that when I made a booking for a Spanish property in January, the total costs of my accommodation were deducted from my cred.

Though this is true with regard to the small printed reservation, after I'reserved' the room in January, my schedules change later and I am going to other time. Unlike other agents who stay in touch, especially for long distance reservations, I didn't hear from Expedia after the first e-mail to verify the deal until I phoned them after I saw my check.

Of the other ratings I have seen about the business, it seems that their communication levels with clients at the beginning are very bad and not much better when problems occur. Unnecessary to say, with so many rivals out there, I won't be using them again, but right now I'm a bunch of cash down, which could have been saved if Expedia had kept me up to date with my reservations.

EXDEDIA has doubled a three-room booking for a Louisville based Kentucky Derby resort. Canceling my booking according to hospitality policies, I did not know that Expedia had made an extra booking with my invoice information, but not with my Expedia bank details. So, the hoteI invoIked me.

that these bookings were made under my invoice information until the resort sent evidence. Four to persuade Expedia to reimburse the fee. I would get reimbursement 2 time explains 2 lessons on influence with Expedia, by a certain date that was never realized. This is clearly a mistake on the part of Expedia's booking team.

As this was almost $3500, I will not give up my reimbursement. After I read all 1*'s on this page I was concerned, but after I had a problem with my motel in Bishkek and claimed I hadn't payed, I phoned them and they took care of me immediately.

and I was in my room within five mikes of making a call. Sorry, I want to say that Expedia is a fraud to me. So I bought a $120 airline flight with a cancelation facility, but now when I get in touch with Expedia to have it cancelled, they say this is not a recoverable one?

On June 25, 2017, I book a room in a room with Expedia. and I was informed that the room was unavailable. Expedia's asset said they were working on it and got back to me within 24 hours. I' ve heard nothing from Expedia, so I quit before the hospitality industry wouldn't accept a 100% reimbursement.

I' ve got a cancellation notification and I would receive a full reimbursement. They kept telling me that it was canceled and they didn't know why the bill was still being made. At the end of a months phone call and wait, these lies told Expedia that there had been two reservations and I only canceled one.

And then he said I needed a warrant to summon the files. The Expedia is a rip-off. If you call it off, they'll find a way to incriminate you anyway. I' ll never go back with you. Now, I have to argue with my ticket comany because Expedia doesn't offer that, so call the second info to me to the clients without forensics.

Through Expedia I made a booking with Red Roof Inn New Braunfels in June 2017. Front employee said okay when I said we'd be cancelling. When we left, I phoned Expedia and cancelled the rooms. Caused by the fact that I was unable to terminate within the 24-hour deadline, I applied for a reimbursement from my payment processing firm.

I never got in touch with her! Expedia said that to my payment processing firm! And I phoned to see what Expedia would do for me, NOTHING! Qatar Airways has been book with Expedia by our 5-member team. They canceled the plane because of crisis diplomacy. We have never been able to cancel the plane tickets with Expedia. The airline companies had to be phoned in person to check the airline's progress and we were informed that the plane was canceled.

We have been told by Expedia that it will take 8 week for the reimbursement of the tickets. While I waited 10 to call Expedia, they tell us that they will need another 8 week for communication errors. When I came to Dollywood I was phoned to tell myself that my room had been given to someone else and I had no accommodation.

All 4 hours I was spending in the Park trying to work this out and became pretty much half lucky declared. Terribly poor customer services???? and I couldn't speak to one individual, just their robots. IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Anybody wants to file a class action suit against Expedia, I'm in.

On the way in Ireland we stayed with Expedia for 2 nights at the Millpark in Donegal for 8/5 and 8/6. On 8/4 we received an e-mail that the room was crowded and our booking was cancelled for 8/5. Then we have modified our plan for August 5th and reserved another overnight in our actual motel.

A second 8/5 e-mail was sent to us saying that our booking was honoured 8/5, but at that point we had changed our timetable and could not leave. But when I was checking my bank account, we were still billed both night. The attempt to get help from Expedia was terrible, in the queue, trying to get through their automated system, 3 different guys with very thick highlights were inconceivable.

Despite being the cause of her botch-up, they declined to repay us. Never again will use Expedia. Booking via Expedia. I had Delta cancel a plane ride with me, asked for a reimbursement and was asked to do so! Don't post with them, had to call charge cardholder institution to kind a assertion aft 2 time period of pause for request.

Driving 5 hrs, waiting 3 hrs on boat, flying 7 hrs sleepover, driving 1 hrs, found my motel that I had reserved through Expedia shut down for renovation. Expedia take care? Is Expedia going to refund me the $45 additional I made for a room in a nearby resort that evening? Do I still require an Expedia refund?

Incorrect night so I was regarded as a no-show when I got here. It was unfortunate and I did not think I was secure enough to stay there as a traveller. His command of the British was insufficient, creating a hurdle right from the beginning.

Long waiting and no reimbursement of the dissolution or a follow-up call. I can only say I'm done with Expedia. You do not have customer support for security or services. Terrible companionship. I' m booking a LA based on Expedia.ca. We found this place on the other side of the road on the way in. There was no reimbursement from the hotels because we had already prepaid Expedia.

We had to ask Expedia for a reimbursement. When we applied for the reimbursement from Expedia, we were informed that we had spent the four overnight stays. We' ve got a bill from the new motel where we spent the other three afternoons. EXDEDIA accepts the hospitality package.

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