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Air Canada's representative told us that Expedia changed this. Caribbean Islands, Dominican Republic. South to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska East Canada to Bermuda, Central America, Caribbean. After-sales service from American Express is very appreciated when I have questions or problems while travelling. Managing mass payments is no easy task, from compliance to treasury, from supporting the payee to expanding the financial network.

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Expedia. ca offers NO safeguards, no warranties or any kind of loyalty to its clients. Expedia. ca used to be behind the items they sold - but now they sell items they have no controls over, so we as clients no longer have them. It'?s a pity Expedia won?t be defending our interests anymore!

Expedia. ca's customer services are conducted from Arizona, and all of its operatives are fighting in English. My second issue I came across was when I booked a room. Sixty seconds after sending my reservation I realised that 2 doors were open and the date was incorrect. You' d have to get in touch with the motel to get changed.

And, of course, the motel was in Europe and they couldn't get through. He repeats the same thing, then he tries to call the motel, but is said to have to sit and talk to a management until the next da. While Expedia is the operating system, it does NOT offer any security, warranties or any kind of customer support.

My third issue I came across was booking a hire vehicle, which should only be billed on pickup. Soon as I made my reservation, Ace Rent a Cart immediately debited my Cards. And Expedia didn't seem to know that was gonna do it. A further issue I had was the non-disclosure of an extra levy for a vehicle that I collected in Vancouver and left two working day later in Victoria.

A $150 fee was added, which had not been announced in advance. Again, Expedia took no accountability for the fact that the charges were not published and would not protect my interests. Be very careful when booking a room in a room about the deceptive and increasingly hard to read English.

If they say FREE CANCELLATION or FREE CANERVATION or NO Booking FEE, they all mean very different things..... Often the full amount is paid immediately, even if you may have realized that you did not have to make the payments until you arrived at the hospital. We as clients need to put a lot of clout on Expedia to be more open.

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