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Hello everyone, I just want to share a new experience with Expedia.com with the hope that you can avoid it. aFlattr users, We are now testing the integration of expedia.de in the current chrome/chrome version.

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I' ve got a reservation on expedia.de for a FCO to SYD returning to expedia.de via Businessclass. The price on the website was 4200 Euro. I phoned AC a few day later to apply for a seat and AC said the tickets had not been used.

Both I e-mailed expedia.de and they said they would be sending it to be published. No expedia confirmations on September 12. In an e-mail I got the message that they could not print the text of the e-mail: Unforeseen, no tickets were granted due to a lack of information. If this is the case, please reschedule the reservation and return the bill for the new trip to us.

will be reimbursed at 4. 207,27 EUR. When Expedia has debited you with 4,207.27 EUR, we ask you to provide us with verification of this transaction for further credit. I had no choice, I had no cash, they had it, they wanted me to confide in them to paying the balance (?!) and then they conceded that they had no prove of the burden they had requested from my Amex.

So I shouted expedia.de - they altered their history again. You said the initial price was no longer available. "Patrick " at expedia. de said expedia would honor the tickets and give them at a higher price at no cost to me. Sascha" - he said he had the power to get the new tickets and it would be done in 24h.

Amex tried to reach expedia in Germany in a telephone conferencing with me on September 17th in Sydney. s we talked to said that the telephone personnel did not have the authority to talk about payment! When Amex had finished the call, I phoned again and was informed by a member of the team in Germany that it was perfectly natural (perhaps in Germany) that I had to show that I had made a reservation and they took my payment.

Said it was an Expedia politics. I' m wondering if expedia.com. au or . com or.co. uk know about this and that? There was no way I could get home from Frankfurt and no other way than to buy a one-way FCO to SE and then use 90,000 frequentmiles from SE to SYD and a motel at Changi Air.

On a last turn of irony, I got an e-mail from expedia.de on September 29 saying that AC had dropped their flight. A further falsehood, the flight was not canceled, only expedia. de's incapacity to fulfill a transaction and AC cancels the non-issued transaction. I' ll be able to get you a picture of the AC plane in Rome just before takeoff.

For the members of the HQ Executive Team Barry Diller - Senior Executive and Chairman, Victor Kaufman - Vice Chairman, Dara Khosrowshai - CEO and President, Mark Okerstrom - Executive Vice President and CFO, Robert Dzielak - Executive Vice President and members of the Executive Committee, among them Barry Diller, Victor Kaufman, Dara Khosrowshahi, Pamela L. Coe, Jonathan L. Dolgen - is this the expedia corporate branding?

Can Expedia accept taking home those without cash and leaving behind a series of fake hopes and aid outlooks? I' m asking you to rethink the expedia Germany reservation - it seems to be a bill until it admits to itself and it's awkward, but it's not the first case I've had trouble with them.

On December 31, 2017, they sell me Alitalia rates to SYD and could not honor them either.

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