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Expedia Scratchpad is addictive: are the new A/B-Test

It' s a well-known fact that Expedia Inc. On-line Reisetitan, conducts thousand of trials with the people who use its sites to find out what works and what doesn't. As part of the so-called "A/B test", the enterprise makes various website version available to the user. Then, the users' reactions are compared. Less known is how Expedia developed the theory of electomyography for his work.

One example is the scratch pad application on the Expedia.com brand around the world. Scatchpad is a kind of scratch pad for storing the search. This means that a group of users only sees tariffs and tariffs that can actually be booked but have not yet been used. It is cross-platform, i.e. a single person can research a journey on their cell phone and spreadsheet and then go to an Expedia.com desktop or notebook and view their work in the scratch pad application.

The scratch pad was created thanks to old-fashioned research. Over the last five years, the number of tickets that an Expedia customer seeks before purchasing a plane has increased from 15 to 48. Because most people take memos to keep tabs on the detail, Expedia created scratchpads to replace memos.

However, it has proved to be difficult to get the user to find and use the unusual tools through A/B tests. Expansion found that Scratchpad was doubling the proportion of people returning from day to day, what it termed "the forced number. Scratchpad registered and using the site will be much more likely to be back on the site within a single business hour than those who do not.

However, only a few people found Scratchpad at all. Leaders wanted to draw users' eyes to Scratchpad. Thus, they were studying the attentiveness of visitors to their website with uncommon methods of attracting them. Attentiveness is not what you can learn with ease. That' s why an army of expert practitioners of consumer experiences and interactions has been formed to help businesses like Expedia take full benefit of the latest psychology on how to attract the interest of onliners.

Expedia's CFO John Kim and Pooja Vithlani, Pooja Vithlani, Senior Project Managers, Nir Eyal, a consulting expert on consumer experiences, have taped on some bio-feedback techniques to test scratchpad addiction for people. At the end of early 2014, advisors and managers met on the Expedia mother ship in Seattle. They observed consumer testing behind one-way mirror screens, which interacted with Scratchpad and split the purchasing processes into its nuclear components.

Specialists stuck a couple of probes to a user's forehead, above the lefthand eyeball, to help determine frown lines. When the client made a purchase, a graphical display of the measured values of the electrode was made. But, like many of our clients in the test, he could not find the scratchpad on Expedia.com without being asked. In the course of the years, the Expedia staff has developed new outlooks.

You say that the results trebled the coercive rates and the repetition rates - significant jumps from a year ago. The use of the Electromyographie was noticeable to us, so to say. It was not Expedia's only biofeedback study project.

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