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CRM and Off-line Convert Optimisation - Expedia Off-line conversion often starts as on-line leads. What's more, off-line conversion often starts as on-line leads. EXDEDIA was a leader in turning on-line tourism into a multi-billion dollar business. One of the main reasons for this is that the enterprise attaches great importance to using information as the basis of its business structure right from the onset. Naturally, a data-driven environment demands extensive, dependable information.

The Expedia aims at this search with advertisements, which should arouse the interest in the own meeting planning: If you click on a pictogram, you get to an Expedia website, make an on-line inquiry. So if the whole thing ended there - if all Expedia wanted to know how many hits their advertisements were clicked - then the conventional web analysis would work well.

However, the trial does not end with this, and what happens next is beyond conventional analysis. Once the prospective client has contacted Expedia, the entire procedure is taken offline: Analytical analysis alone is blinkered by all this. You can integrate information about how often transactions were made, how long the selling took, how much turnover was earned and so on with the initial analysis information.

Off-line, get together-line. Off-line information in a CRM that accumulates accumulated powder is virtually useless. However, when they are used in combination with on-line analysis and subject to rigorous analysis, real, practicable findings are the result. In addition to information about your lead, Expedia also has information about the account and revenue that will be earned from these lead.

This enables Expedia to optimize its current market ing-mix and ensure that the basis for decision-making - the information - is as powerful as ever.

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You can achieve significant savings by promoting compliance with travel policies through a consumer-centric experience. It' not easy, but it's a fact that the cost savings in a travel management program come from travelers' participation in your program, not just from the cost reduction itself.

To create an excellent program, you need to set up simple processes, define a clear policy, and offer a variety that meets the needs of the traveler. Only then can you achieve a genuine cost reduction by integrating the traveler into your program. Measure the effectiveness of your travel policy. We can help you identify new savings opportunities with your business travel program.

Risks in the travel area can be reduced by appropriate preparation. We can help you with good risk management in the travel industry. Your travelers need three things: an online travel booking tool, mobile applications and travel agencies that can help them in an emergency.

Maintain consistency between your business travel policies, fares, and content across all points of sale.

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