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Expedia Europe travel guide. EXEDIA to become innovative in Europe. An Expedia-Groupon partnership offering local travel offers launched in the US last June can no longer be imitated in Europe.

Beware when you book several destinations on Expedia - Europe Forum

Flights from SFO Helsinki back from Prague with several airlines: Back I have PRG-MXP (Milan) on Alitalia from CR and AA the remainder of the way back to the SFO. The next morning I receive an e-mail from Expedia that the reservation was not made because AA, which issues the tickets, either does not accept the Alitalia part of the codes or the part of the codes of the Prague airline companies, and to carry it through, I have to spend an extra 140 dollars.

Now, I already had to raise the announced price of $1,303.40 when I pressed the Rebook pushbutton, which was telling me about the raise to $1,320.20 and whether I wanted to take the price or look at other options. When you travel from the SFO to Helsinki and return from Prague, the second election will still be promoted with $1,303.40 to these several airlines.

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Expedia expands its European hospitality network

There are seven trendy hotels that will affect your hotels revenue strategy. Expedia, the European tour operator, has launched a new service to help customers make their European spending on tourism more effective and creative in order to boost the number of overnight bookings on Expedia.de. At the Skift Forum Europe in London, Gary Morrison, VP of Expedia and the company's Vice President and General Manager of Private Banking, said it was important for the company to find an exciting way to stay one step ahead of its European rivals.

The whole Skift history. According to UNWTO, the number of tourists arriving in the EU internationally increased by 4% in 2016 to almost 500 million or 40% of the global population. UNWTO's Short-Term Trends shows that in 2016, the number of incoming tourists has risen by 21 million, the 7th year in a row for the EU travelers.

A full history at the Hotel News Resource. At the latest Skift Forum Europe, which took place in London in early April, participants came to the conclusion that Europe is the perfect place to set up a tour operator for the new year. Seven out of ten of the world's most popular tourist attractions are in Europe, and with a rich heritage of culture and nationality, tourism professionals and business people now see the region positively.

The whole Skift history. MGM Resorts International, headquartered in the USA, has declared that it will open an MGM Hotel, MGM Residences and a Bellagio Hotel in Dubai by 2021. MGM will be in the ownership of Dubai-based Wasl Hospitality and will advise on the construction before taking over responsibility for the three objects.

The whole history at Traveller Daily Media. In a recent GBTA Foundation poll, more and more companies in the three biggest European corporate tourism centres - Germany, the UK and France - are making bookings directly. A full history at the Hotel News Resource. HITEC organizer HITEC Financial and Technology Professionals has appointed an advisor to help with the development of a series of policies for the HOREC data protection officer and a DPO catering certificate program.

Both of these will be launched this past year to prepare the hotel sector in Europe for the changes needed to comply with the EU's general data protection regulation. A full history at the Hotel News Resource. One recent study, Labour Migration in the Hospitality Sector, contracted by the British Hospitality Association and produced by KPMG, estimates that up to 60,000 migrant labourers would have to be hired each year after EU immigration to Brexit was uncertain.

BHA has presented the UK authorities with a ten-year roadmap to ensure that the hotels sector targets the UK's jobless people. The whole history at the Owner Hôtel. Subscribe to our newsletter and talk about the latest sector developments in the LinkedIn Group.

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