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Expedia has great hotel deals. Promotion is subject to Expedia's terms and conditions. You can now use AmEx points to make payments at Expedia.

Express provides a new way for card holders to cash in rewards points. Tuesday saw the announcement of a new Expedia expense bookings page that allows card holders to directly add award points to certain Expedia sales. This means you can use your AEX points to make Expedia bookings without having to transmit them beforehand.

Provide a hyperlink to your bankroll. When you have an American Express membership credited to your membership, you can connect it to your Expedia membership through this page. Or if you don't have an Expedia user profile, you can sign up for it for free. Choose a ticket or pre-paid on Expedia and you will be asked at the cashier if you want to use your American Express membership on your grand balance.

When you use points to make payments to Expedia, the full amount of the sale will be debited to the American Express membership key associated with your bankroll. You will receive a refund within two to four workdays. If you have used 2,000 points for your Expedia purchases, for example, you will receive approximately $14 back as a withdrawal voucher.

It' 0.7 cents per point is OK, but you can get more value out of your bonuses by using the other American Express cashing option, some of which are offering 1 cents per point. You cannot mix and match bonuses. It is not possible to mix and match Member Reward Points from different types of AMX card. In addition, you cannot use your Expedia Points in combination with your Member Reward Points.

They cannot award Member Rewards points on all Expedia shopping. MEPs can only use Member Rewards points for air fares and pre-paid hotel rates - not for other shopping such as package holidays, cruise or rental cars. As well as the new Expedia interface, American Express has also improved point transmission capabilities.

British Airways and Spanish Iberia Airlines joined last months as 1:1-Transferpartners. In the past, card holders could only pay in a 5:4 relationship to these bonus programmes. Until September 17, 2017, card holders can earn 40% more points by transferring awards to these programmes in addition to this 1:1 transmission.

As a result, the cardholder still has to make a charge to make such payments. If you are transferring AmEx points to a frequency airline programme, the airline will charge an exemption charge of 0.06 Cent per point, with a max charge of $99.

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