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A family package is a good way to create lasting memories with exciting experiences. Booking your flights and hotel offers with Expedia today! Expedia allows you to book stress-free travel. Expedia Package Protection Plan gives you broader coverage. Expedia allows her to book flights, choose the right hotel, view itineraries or book a package.

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Saving varies depending on origin/destination, duration, date of your visit and chosen itineraries. Saving not possible for all packages. When you do not get an ATOL certificate, the reservation is not ATOL-protected. However, if you obtain an ATOL certificate but not all parts of your journey are included, these parts are not ATOL-protected.

Such cover was organised by International Passenger Protection Limited and taken out by certain Lloyd's insurers. 2018 Expedia, Inc.

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Cancun Forum - How to reserve a holiday when arriving from different places - Cancun Forum

I wanted to reserve a holiday with a holiday partner who is living in another country and I wonder how you can reserve it through Expedia or something similar to that. I' d like us both to go from our different towns to Cancun and spend the night in the same hotels (I pay), but I don't know if I have to make his booking from another town, or if I have to make a booking seperately, because if I make my booking on expedia, it will show 1 plane but I need a 2 person accommodation.

I' ve got an inflammation and I dream of a vacation in Mexico when I get better. Perhaps it is wiser for you to make your reservations for the flight and your accommodation individually. All of them are booking your flight and transfers to the hotels, you can make direct bookings through a discounted website and make sure your room is two double bed for two people.

We' ll give everyone the details of how to make the booking and give the reception their name so they can register in our mansion. You call on your arrivals, we will call them, help with check-in and go out to relax. yes, but if you do it on expedia, then that will be for 2 rooms..... if every guest does hotel+air, then that will be 2 rooms, but if one guest does hotel+air, and the other only airs, then how will the motel know that there are 2 guests, unless you put 1 room, 2 passengers, then you have to reserve it for x2 from whoever.....

I would say if you meet someone, just reserve the motel on expedia, 1 room, 2 persons, then buy your plane tickets directly from the air company website,, check out Jet Blue and ATRAN usually very good rates! And we had to call Expedia and speak to a salesman. As a result, my girlfriend and I have reserved her plane and the holiday pack for 1 table.

Once we arrive at the destination, we have to charge $90 more to include in the AI-packet. One of the things I did was to check on was to book the ski lift separately from the holiday destination and find that there was no agreement and it was more expensive. In his reservations, Expedia noted that there would be two persons in the room and asked for the two Queens bed.

The majority of resort that are XP just need to know that two persons share the room. I' d call Expedia, tell them your plans, and they can adapt. We' ve used it to schedule a journey for 12 family members in August'10. Thought I would have 2 books 2 guys come out of his city and connect in mine and try to get off at the connection point and get off there without loosing my baggage or having my bookings canceled.

Was I just wondering why you decided on an Expedia and didn't go directly to the website of the airlines and the resorts? Perhaps there was a deal on or a discount, but lately I haven't seen much besides the Orbitz voucher codes. Between PIT and CLE, I always inspect both airfields for flight and parcels.

I have been to Mexico about ten times and always find a parcel rate that is much less than reservation airfare and venue different. Next year I found a Funjet parcel from CLE to the Royal Cancun, which was 50% cheaper than any other holiday agent or air and hotel to book directly.

To me, the best thing is to run an agent on line.

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