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I' ve booked an airfare with Expedia for Aegean Airlines. I will check the prices on Expedia in the future and then book directly with the airlines. For other Expedia and other travel agent reviews, visit our Travel Agencies page today! Simple jet flight booked via Expedia. I' ve recently booked an Expedia flight with Easy jet.

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This is the last I' ve been Expedia'd. Protesting that they had drawn up the route, I was put back 10 mins and then moved to a superior because Expedia had caused the issue. I can' t get the carrier to help me because I made my booking through Expedia.

I' m wasting a whole holiday and $300 on the rail to the town where I' m taking the intern. I' ll be checking the rates on Expedia and booking directly with the companies. They also told me that Expedia, unlike the airlines' websites, does not charge additional charges for things like seating.

In all likelihood, Expedia has been offering you the same services as those available from the companies on their own web sites. It is best to make a direct booking with the companies and your last suggestion is good. The point I'm making is that Expedia's information is not trustworthy. If there is a situation, the benefit of direct contact with the carrier is that they will speak to me.

Expedia has a horrible client support team. I' m taking more than 60 trips per year, with at least 5 round trips. You have not "created" the route, they have offered you a route prepared by the carrier. Most likely the airlines' representatives would give exactly the same answers as Exoedia gave to the OR. It is best to make a booking directly with an airlines, for many (other) good reason, especially when it comes to post-sale changes, and there are many instances where Expedia is not enough.

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Which was your experiance with Expedia? state: city: product: From LAX we bought four return flight ticket to Athens Greece via Expedia on 18.2.08. They showed that we would be flying AA from LAX to Philadelphia and then British Airways from Philadelphia to Athens. We would return by FinAir to Philadelphia and the.....

Through the Expedia website, my hubby arranged an all-inclusive journey to Mexico for three pairs, among them us. He' s taken care of the booking for all of us. When booking, the cost was around $1,200 pp for a twin use. That'?s how my and I plan a holiday in Mexico this December.

We' ve tried and tried to buy the ticket on-line via a notebook and our telephones, but had no luck. On completion of the long booking procedure of the ticket st the prize of $ 360 they keep saying..... August 3, 2018 I tried to make a buy through Expedia for a holiday pack on-line.

I' m sending Expedia 8 e-mails for 3 week and asked her to fix a minor bug (but that costs me $1000) and was completely ignored. Finally, after calling Expedia Support, they responded to my e-mail (while I was on hold) and..... Me and my missus and two other couple travelled to Mexico and each of us payed for the Expedia announcement of doubles, i.e. three couple payed for three rooms.

There was only one room on the route, so we phoned to say that we were three pairs..... So, we brought some meats with us on the journey to help us saving moneys. Buying a plane pass for my subsidiary in April 2018 return flight from Lax to Belfast on 29 Jun and paying $1275 ("british airways") around 15 Jun, we signed into my bank to select the location to find out that there was a spelling mistake in the Surname?

In the Ragged Point Inn CA., I used Expedia to book a room two moths before my wife's birth. When we had driven 350 mile, we were informed that Expedia had canceled our booking one calendar week in advance without noticing.

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