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Expedia: You have a right to worry? - Flight Forum Expedia: I' ve recently reserved a flight and accommodation pack with Expedia (UK). You sent a "travel confirmation" by e-mail saying: "Bought and pending confirmation from the carrier that the ticket is available at this fare. We' ve sent your enquiry to the airlines. We are looking forward to your visit in 2 to 24h.

We' ve verified your booking. "My primary objective is that the flight I have (hopefully) reserved consists of two stages, with two different carriers. I only have one e-mail that does not verify that the ticket is purchased and a number of handwritten numbers that may or may not refer to the ticket.

I' ve e-mailed the resort to see if they have a reservation in my name but haven't known them. Do I normally not receive an e-ticket? I' ve now seen the many bad comments about Expedia on the web - I wish I'd seen them before.

Expedia: When you sign in to your Expedia bankroll, you should be able to view your route and the airline's confirmation-code. You can use these to verify that your reservation has been validated on the airline's website. I' d classify Expedia as one of the more trusted tour websites, so things are probably okay, although it's a little odd that they can't mail you an e-ticket.

Expedia: When your company has created a confirmation code - known as PNR or Passenger Name Record - and it does not work with the company, then you have at least two other ways to directly review your state with the company..... a) The complete e-ticket numbers.... Your e-ticket number is a sequence of 13 characters (14 if a consecutive verification number is used) and is like a valid license number, it is one of a kind for you and your tickets.....

As you say you Expedia "..... gave me some numbers she said the plane numbers...." You can call your carrier and give them this number and see what they say..... b) The other way is the classical name/flight detail lookup.... Air carriers can retrieve your information on the basis of your name and flight data.

As soon as the airlines can "find" your flight ticket, the agents should be able to tell you whether you are actually fully equipped with a ticket or not. Expedia: Don't worry if the resort doesn't have a room for you. Often the information is only available near your check-in date.

Expedia: I' ve tried the numbers on the airline's website (EVA), so if I'm not lucky there, I'll call them directly. I' m guessing I was just a little concerned when I said "computer problem" and "no e-ticket will be issued" on the same show! Expedia: EXDEDIA does not offer e-tickets.

Confirmation numbers (these handwritten numbers) are given to you. Then you can go to the (most) websites of the airlines and login. There you can change/select your seat and, above all, register before your flight. I' d suggest that you do this and once in your bookings, you should be able to mail or press your bookings to have something in your han.

Expedia: Well, good luck calling the carrier. I' ve used expedia many a time, also for recent trips where I received the PNR and could choose a seat etc. via the airline's website. Expedia: As a precaution, I would go to the airlines, but I am sure there will be no problem. Expedia: Expedia: I' ve been able to find our reservation on the airline's website for the second stage of the trip, so now you are feeling much luckier!


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