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There is no information available for this page. Draw up a full itinerary with Expedias "Things to Do". Expedia, one of the biggest on-line tourism companies in the word, has introduced "Things to Do" as part of its growing range of itineraries. Expedia Asia is at the forefront of this new project, which is aimed at increasing the range, access for its clients and access on all itinerary creation workstations. Brand new feature to help travelers build their own itinerary.

"Asians decide on an all-inclusive tour to include air, hotel and airfare. With this offer, more Asians can now count on Expedia to select their favorite activity for all their bookings and build a truly one-of-a-kind itinerary," said Kathleen Tan, CA.

As" Things to Do" and Activity are a developing part of the tourism sector, Expedia will continue to expand its offer in this sector, "knowing that the liberty to take your free time is exactly what you want when you book online," she added. The creation of full schedules is becoming increasingly popular as more and more Singaporeans book their holiday through onlinebusiness.

Expedia.com. sg sees more routes with hotels, flights and activites that complete the whole journey of independents. Things to Do " added the airline, helping to relieve travel reservation hassle, avoid sellouts or shorten the waiting period for confirmations. Expedia.com. sg provides its Local Expert Guides through "Things to Do", with access to its website and thousands of top destination activity opportunities to help Singaporeans do even more when travelling abroad or staying at home.

The top locations that can be reached from Singapore are Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Krabi, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh and Penang. Singaporeans' main activities in these places were transportation or transportation with almost 60% of their travel arrivals and departures in Singapore. In second place were reservations for routes, topic park and events, especially for those who had to do with eating.

Away from the traditional beaches and neighborhoods of Indonesia and Thailand, the Singaporeans were very popular when they travelled to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and Melbourne in Australia. Nearly all Ho Chi Minh activities related to touring ('88%), while Melbourne's touring reservations came second with 68%.

This booking was not based on season, indicating the ageless charm of Disneyland. Reservations include flight and accommodation maps to provide a complete itinerary including a trip to the amusement arc. The Singaporeans' preference for eating and drinking was also reflected in their reservations. Seventy-five percent of the reservations were for cookery courses or eating tours, while 25 percent were for wines or vineyards.

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