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Find out why your Online Expedia For TD account currently stores past itineraries for six months. Aircraft CallSign Tail Number Track Track LookUp Callsign (Tail Number) Search Map . How can I see a voucher for my purchase?

In order to see and printout a recording of your booking and payments, log into your Expedia For TD accounts and go to My itineraries. Select the route you want to display and slide down to see the journey in detail. In order to printout a single version of your issues, click on "Print version" in the lefthand hand side col.

You will receive a print-ready copy of your full travel fare.

View, modify, cancel a booking

Use your booking verification codes to check your travel information, modify seat reservations, modify appointments or schedules for selected booking categories, or reverse a new one. In order to use the value of an idle seat on a new booking, use your e-ticket number. In order to be entitled to make changes on line, your purchase reservation:

Contains no more than 8 airline sections or a ticketing desk in Alaska. Not more than 6 people in the booking.

Airline companies - Choice of seats when using on-line reservation pages

It is important to me to be able to choose a place when making the reservation. Normally this would be possible if I booked directly through the carrier (possibly with a charge I am willing to pay). When there are no free places I like, I might even want to look for another flight.

When I make a reservation on one of these third-party websites, can I pick a place when I make my reservation or immediately afterwards? I may be able to find a place on the airline's website soon after making a reservation using my confirmation/ticket number, but I'm not sure it always works.

But is there a general practise, I appreciate that this may vary depending on the website and the carrier?

Expedia books China Airlines - Airport Travel Message Board

That' s why I book the flight from Air China via Expedia. And I think I should have ordered it directly through the Air China website. There is nothing I can verify on the Air China website. Perhaps you use the Expedia credential instead of the carrier on the Air China website? Review your Expedia papers for an alternate.

Otherwise, call Expedia and ask what your Air China PNR # is. Or, call Air China and ask if they have made out a voucher in your name. I' ve been calling Air China and Expedia. However, I will still not be able to do anything on Air China's website for Air China support.

Next check-in is definitely direct with Air China the next one. Air China is offering a $499 instant sales campaign on Facebook from all large US towns to the capital of Asia, Tokyo, Chiba, HK and Bangkok. I am not sure that the PRC companies have bad sites in German, so I am not sure that you would have achieved better results directly with them.

Anything you can see has nothing to do with Expedia reservations. It is an air carrier from Taiwan and not from continental China. I' m guessing your testimony comes from what I hear, because all the foreign-language sites of the big airlines in China on the continent are very well. The ones I know myself and use for flight reservations, at least.

Our tickets number is 999, Sadielouise 84, and still does not work. Expedia now tells me that Air China cannot enter second name and I have to reverse the current reservations and make a new one..... and I have to repay the cancelation fee, etc.... I have not given my first name on any of our services, not even on our intercontinental services.....

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