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Expedia Hotels Android App is available for free download from Android Market. You can download the latest version of Expedia. Free travel app for Android. Inexpedia offers you really cheap holidays. Screenshot of the award-winning Android Travel App Expedia.

Enhanced Expedia 3.0 provides rich viewing routes to your iPhone & Android

The last time we contacted Expedia was in November, when it released a new iPhone and Android phone application with airfare information, promotions and high-resolution pictures of hotels. With the release of 3.0 for both Android and iPhone, the giant has now released a much more significant upgrade that introduces new visually rich portable routes linked to the traveler's Expedia journey plan.

In fact, the latest Expedia incarnate gives travellers up-to-date information with a series of visual clues, tap location-based smart phone functions and timezone upgrades to reveal the most important part of the travel route. This new route will update its information in near-time as passengers change from A to A, and even allows the user to send and receive SMS messages.

This includes airlines, airline numbers, ticket numbers, travel date/time, gates and ticket information and ticket information with pin for departures and arrivals. At the same time, Expedia also reported that the Expedia Mobil application had been download more than 11 million downloads in 228 territories on Android, Windows 8 and 228 platforms (tablet version), although the itinerary function does not appear to be available on the latter one.

The latest version is now available in 30 different European markets and 16 different language versions for Android and iPhone and also offers the possibility to book flights in Spain, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands.

The Expedia Android App gets a big update to v2.0, now also contains flight and hotel data

$10 says that if you have plans visiting buddies and family out of state this year, you don't really have $10 to squander on stupid web-betting. Expedia wants you to know that it has updated its Android application with a beautiful new user interface and air travel search and tracing to help you find the best of it.

As well as flights, Expedia also assists you in finding rooms and provides client ratings. It' even has a practical UI tray for those of you who make your designs on your glossy new Nexus 10. New Expedia is now available for free on PlayStore.

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