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Brochure for td car rental

When you return your rental car, you should pay with your TD Travel Credit Card. Reservations for Avis car hire can be made at avis.com/tdcreditcards. Expedia For TD's rental car price is an estimated amount.

How long before I rent a car?

There is no charge to your TD Travel Cards when you purchase your car with Expedia For TD. It is advisable to use your TD Travel Cards when returning your rental car. When you decide to use TD Points for the reservation, the points used will be subtracted from your TD Awards account three to five business day after the car is returned.

For any questions regarding arrival or reservation, please call 1-877-222-6492.

Is it possible to book a one-way rental with Expedia For TD?

However the collection and return points for one-way vehicles are only restricted at the airport. If you are looking for a rental car, on the Car Finder page, type your airport of pickup and return in the appropriate boxes. If you are checking the car you have chosen, make sure that both airfields have been checked for correctness and the operating times of the car rental companies.

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How does Expedia pay for the car rental?

Someone I hoped could help me sort this out because after sales was no help. If you book a hotel in a different language (e.g. Euro), you will see the approximate Cdn costs whenever you do not pay in advance, but there is a Euro/night tariff that will be charged on your sojourn. If I rent a car, however, I only see the Cdn costs and after I book only the grand amount.

However, even these are not paid in advance, but are invoiced at the rental desk. Under the assumption that there are no extra fees, does this mean that only the Cdn amount indicated on Expedia will be charged when you enter the meter (and whichever contract was signed with Expedia)? Nobody can respond (neither Expedia support nor the car rental company).

It' even mudder because a part of the sum was "paid" with points (Expedia for TD) - in quotation marks, because actually nothing was actually payed. Points were nevertheless used up and deducted from the balance. If so, will this benefit be used after the full amount has been settled? You will receive the value of the "paid" points 3-5 working nights after returning your car.

2nd Edit: Ok, I found this on Expedia's page: Expedia For TD's rental car pricing is an estimate. In the event that an estimate is not available, only the basic interest rates are shown. For more details on your booking, please directly ask the car rental agency for the booking number.

When your rental car is part of a holiday pack booking, the stated full amount is definitive. Estimating this means I have to call the rental agent in Italy to find out what the full euro fee is. As I have rebooked this rental 4 time because the rent has fallen, I am hoping that the whole Euro fee has also fallen.....

Though I see the Canada tariff, I know that when I arrive there, the fee will be charged in Euros. Or I could use the exediafortd points, but that would mean prepaying the reservation, part of it with points. Had I done that, the charges would have been in Cnd$ now.

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