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A VIPorter or other frequent flyer loyalty number in combination with your Expedia bookings. Says she's been told she's responsible for the canceled reservation. C# - Why doesn't my Expedia For TD itinerary appear in the app?

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But I wondered if anyone else has had trouble using Expedia for TD to get booking Travel and important travel refund. Local drinks and refreshments are provided in the room rate (some limitations apply)". "Buffets and a la-carte food, drinks and refreshments included" Not covered by the limitations were -premium foods -bottled wine liqueur.

So, I purchased the parcel (including airfare and hotel). There''s no way that I can go for breakfast at an all included. I' ve been on the phone for 5+ hrs with TD, Expedia, Visa and Air Canada to get my refund. I' m the one who got the credit for the room, but not the plane ride.

I' m advised they can keep my plane fare for a year, but I have to change bookings with them and make a payment of $75 per passenger. Everyone had similar experience with Expedia for TD.

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NOTICE: If you need help with the management of a currently scheduled journey, contact Bookings Assistance by touching the above mentioned button and then Contact Bookingsupport. Can I see a travel route that I have purchased through my Expedia accoun? What can I do to see a travel route without logging into my Expedia client profile? How can I not use my stored or unbooking itineraries?

My AARP route is not displayed in the application. Why? My Barclays route is not displayed in the application. Why? C# - Why doesn't my Expedia For TD route appear in the application? What is my Expedia Rewards account like? How long after I cancel a reservation will my points be refunded? Will I not see all my overnight stays in my Expedia Rewards account?

Describes how I can modify the number of e-mails I get from Expedia. Where can I refresh or modify my e-mail account? How come I can't see my route in the application? Where can I find out how to include a friend's route in my travel log? Can I modify or cancelling a reservation in my travel log?

What can I do to see a past journey? What do I do to my airline tickets?

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