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EXPAdIA for us

NEVER wants Expedia again. The Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics have joined forces to explore the behavior and travel preferences of adults in the United States, including Gen X, Y and Z. They' called'flight protection' plans and look almost worthless to us.

Ryanair takes Expedia to court in US lawsuit

The Expedia has destroyed Ryanair's attempt to stop the US web traveller from rejecting a so-called "screen-scraping" complaint. Mr. Ryanair has filed a suit against Expedia in Seattle, but has also taken steps against the Dublin-based airline's on-line tourist agency. They have been in dispute since 2016 and the Seattle case was filed in 2017.

In the US case, the company alleged that Expedia uses computer programs to "scratch" or collect tariffs from the Ryanair website before they are sold to Expedia clients who do not need to go to the Ryanair website to buy the airfare. Secondary revenues include the sale of coffees and snacks to air travelers, rental of cars and hotels via the website as clients book seat.

By bypassing the airline's website by purchasing air travel passes, Ryanair will lose a significant chance of generating extra revenues. Expedia, which includes trademarks such as Travelocity and Hotels.com, previously asserted that Ryanair cannot claim under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) any loss that the company relies on in the United States because it alleges that it has been infringed by Expedia's claim.

"Expedia said to the US Supreme Court, saying that Ryanair does not identify any legal jargon that shows that the CFAA's right of appeal allows claims for violations abroad. The Ryanair case is that the supposed scrapping of alien computer equipment, which supposedly resulted in alien loss to a alien claimant, results in a national violation," Expedia added.

EXDEDIA has also stressed that Ryanair's own website states that use of this website is subject to the laws of Ireland. "Expedia did not deny to the Seattle Tribunal that its conditions of use state that the laws of Ireland apply to those who use its website. "Wherever an action may be brought, Ryanair's conditions of use are subject to the laws of Ireland and not the United States," Expedia has claimed that Ryanair's action will be dismissed.

However, Ryanair also argued that even if it had filed its lawsuit on the basis of its own conditions of use, the United States would still be "an appropriate forum" for the lawsuit. "â??Expedia respects the court's rejection of Ryanair's case with prejudice,â added the huge web vendor in a court document.

Since then Ryanair has already initiated other bankruptcy proceedings against screen-scrapers.

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