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The Expedia Group

The Expedia Group share recovers with good results, rising order intake During the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, the Expedia will be open to the public. The Expedia Group stock leaped on Friday after the site owner had clearly exceeded the expectations with a report on earnings for the third quarter. 3. Thomson Reuters announced earnings per stock of $1.38 in the second quarter on Thursday, exceeding Thomson Reuters' estimated 89-cent consensual rate.

It had its best trading days since April 27, and closed at 9.5 per cent at $ 137.79 per each. Also Expedia reports that total sales rose 13 per cent over the previous year, 33 per cent over the previous year for HomeAway and 11 per cent in the company's main activities.

"We have achieved sound results while driving forward several key focused on the three key issues I identified at the end of last year, which are becoming more local, customer-focused and accelerating the speed of implementation and change," said Mark Okerstrom, CEO of Expedia.

By Friday, the company's stock had risen by 13 per cent.

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