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Packages have been amended on Sunday 1st July to offer much more security to travelers booked through on-line itineraries. This new legislation will offer additional cover for up to 10 million UK passengers per year. There is a gap, however, through which operatives can evade responsibility. As the ad shown during Love Island and the Croatia-Denmark game on Sunday says: "A property can make or cancel a journey, and at Expedia we believe you shouldn't rush to have one.

That' s why we developed Expedias Add-On Advtage. Mr Derek Moore, President of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO), said: "Not only does a real travel agent offer full economic security, he also assumes full liability for all facets of his holiday and for the conduct of his vendors. "and Expedia has evaded such responsibilities.

Said Ted Wake, head of Kirker Holidays: Speaking in a declaration to The Independent, Expedia: "The Expedia Add-On Advtage is a great benefit for those who need extra hours and agility to do so. Travellers on line are dissatisfied with the changes in the Act. Whereas the EU package holiday directive was issued in 2015, the new UK act was only issued 10 week ago.

The ABTA has criticized the delayed release of package tour regulations because they make things hard for companies.

Expansion figures confirm sharp increase in the number of package tours internationally to Down Under

The latest figures from the Expedia Group, the world's biggest tour operator, report that there is great global interest in Australia for holidaypackaging. Expedia Group figures for the first half of 2016 show a 50% rise in global parcel volumes for Australia over the same horizon in 2015.

In the past year alone, the Expedia Group delivered more than 7.1 million parcels worldwide. Usually, parcels are produced by a combination of several different items such as aircraft, cars and hotels. Besides the simplicity of the reservation and the comfort the parcels offer the possibility to the travelers to safe it. It is interesting to note that the figures from the same time frame also showed that the parcel passengers remained on board for almost four whole nights on board, twice as many as with single reservations.

Flat-rate reservations also had a much longer reservation screen, almost twice the size of single reservations and more than half of the reservations 31+ nights before their sojourn. Moreover, the number of parcels cancelled was significantly lower. The main increase in travelers' demands for travel by coach and bus was from Asia, with Hong Kong (180%) and Japan (100%) at the top, followed by Singapore and Malaysia with 95% and 80% respectively.

The top parcel locations are Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane, with most of the global market coming from major countries such as the US, New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia. Travelers are becoming more and more demanding and the need for high-end properties that adapt their offers to the guests' special needs is increasing. The Expedia Group's figures show that more and more vacationers were staying in luxurious accommodations.

In fact, 80% of Australian package deals are four stars or more. Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) is one of the world's premier tour operators with an expansive range of branded products to which top branded on-line....: It offers value to the consumer in the recreational and corporate sectors, increases consumer demands and offers marketers the ability to engage a very valued audiences through Expedia® Media Solutions.

It also supports booking for tens of thousand of partners, some of the world's top carriers, top user brand names and high volume sites through the Expedia Affiliate Network. If you would like to receive company and sector information, please go to www.expediainc.com or join us on Twitter@expediainc.

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