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EXDEDIA says'booked', but not hotel - Bargain Travel Forum 2 nights ago I made a hotel booking through Expedia and my debit was already debited to my Cards. I' ve got the verification e-mail and it says in my Expedia itinerary that it's "booked", but I sent an e-mail to the hotel saying they didn't receive a booking from Expedia. I' ve changed my hotel to another one. com before and I got the hotel confirmations the very next monday. Which is the date of your reservations?

Did you stay in a large hotel or a small hotel? The amount of information you have provided in your e-mail (name, date of your flight and Expedia approval number).

This is a strange answer, as Expedia's bookings are made simultaneously at the moment of your order confirm. Causes could be: If you have a lot of work, give it a few extra working nights and review it. Alternatively, you can e-mail Expedia and forward the hotel e-mail and ask them to review it. Conversely, with Expedia verification and return them to the hotel.

I am still a long way from making my booking, but I was only concerned because they have already debited my debit from my debit cardholder. I' ll see what happens after a few extra workdays. In the case of a smaller guesthouse, they would get the booking by e-mail and insert it into their system only.

It' difficult to tell if all employees make a booking or a selected individual, and it can be either at night or at weekends, according to where they are located, so that receptionists ( (or whoever has replied to your email) have no clue that the booking can already be e-mailed, emailed, printed out ('filed' in a folder) and sat somewhere in their'intray' in their backroom.

And even a small guesthouse can use an automatic system and a tunnel management to manage its reservations from all the different third parties like Expedia. When they do, they should enter their system within a few minute of making the reservation. System issues and failures could avoid this (you would also get an e-mail from Expedia, as CVE said).

I' d go back to Expedia and ask them to get in touch with the hotel on your account. In my opinion, a hotel without a hotel room booked "well in advance" only 2 working nights after making an appointment with Expedia is the norm. Your name and dates may only be received by the hotel a few working nights or even a few months before your check-in date.

"In my opinion, a hotel without a hotel room only 2 working nights after making an appointment with Expedia "far in advance" is natural. Your name and data may only be in the hotel a few day or a few week before your check-in appointment.

When I am the proprietor of a small company, I receive reservations within a few moments after they have been made with all the necessary information about the visitor. When they haven't told me for 2 working nights, I may overbook if I am selling the room to someone else. I would like to know why they wouldn't be sending dates earlier.

but until overbooked.....The hotel will have reserved rooms for expedia but will not know the guest's name until it is nearer the check-in date. When it' s the same date, they always seem to send a last-minute reservation alarm and insert it directly into the system.

So I think that some bookings in different areas are made in a different size. As we all know, Expedia has a hybrid sales approach, and that has something to do with it. This is the first I' ve ever hear of a hotel owner in the USA who has confirmed the same thing as us.

A few panicked and want their cash back before the hotel has their name. Please come back to this threads with particulars after you have checked in or if you know that the hotel has your particulars.

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