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The planning of your dream holiday or even a weekend escape can be overwhelming. Role-playing a phone call to get a hotel that is not listed on Expedia. and it is a good source to find boutique hotels, although most are rather expensive.

Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? - Forums in Carmen Beach

You' re on Expedia?!?!!??? I' ve recently reserved a parcel to Playa through Expedia. Yes, I immediately got my air fare but I am a little worried about the accommodation confirmations. I have made my reservations at Riu Palace Riviera Maya, but the order number is" Receive Electronical Bookings Only. So I e-mailed Expedia to find out why I didn't have a verification number, their answer was "Riu Palace Riviera Maya All Inclusive doesn't give a verification number or number.

We received an e-mail from the hotels confirming our reservation. Be sure that the real estate has approved your reservation. "Last I was at RPRM 2 years ago, I had a gift certificate from Beachdestinations.com. They wanted to see the coupon when I got to the village. As I don't have a coupon or a verification number, should I worry?

I' ve got an Expedia route number. That what the resorts wants? Anyone who has used Expedia before and has not received a verification number? I' m planning to call the resorts by e-mail or phone before I leave. Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? We have now used Expedia about 6x and have received both a travel and accommodation number.

Occasionally the hotelbestätigung does not come immediately. Did you check your route since you booked? I' ve got to be frank, although we didn't have any significant problem with Expedia, even if you have the easiest of questions, it's sometimes difficult to get an answer from whoever you talk to on the telephone and/or get another response when you call back and ask the same questions to someone else.

Is your route showing at least the name of the accommodation and that it is reserved, even if there is no number? Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? I have been booking for about 2 week now and I am checking every day if a verification number is received. Your route contains the name of the accommodation and the travel time.

I' m just a little worried I don't have a proper verification number. You' re on Expedia?!?!!??? I' d be a little worried myself, but that's just me. Can you ask Expedia to send you a copy of the online reservation receipt (I assume this means an email)? but I still want something to show they have a room for you.

Or, mail the resorts and tell them what Expedia has said to you and that you want some kind of acknowledgement. You can also try to get a printout if they sent you an e-mail. Would you just ask the hotels? Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? There' s no toll-free number at the motel, or I would have proposed it.

I would do that as a last resort. No. Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? Please give it 2 more wks and then e-mail the Residence to acknowledge that they have your booking. The Expedia I received didn't give me proof for the hospital. Approximately one fortnight before my date of journey they sent me another e-mail with my receipts.

I was not even sure if they gave me a hotelbestätigung at this point, because I had already directly eailed the place and they had me without any problem in the system. You' re on Expedia?!?!!??? I used Expedia several people. The" voucher" of the hotels was only that part of the print out e-mail confirmations on which the reservation was made.

All of the confirmation numbers there were from Expedia, not really from the hospital. When you are affected, send an email to the resorts and ask them to validate your booking. Booking with Expedia?!?!!??? When the name of the property and the number of overnight stays are on your travel plan, please list it and you should have no problems.

If you have made specific inquiries or upgrade calls on-line, however, call Expedia, have them call RIU while you are waiting, and have the agents e-mail the call to you. Send the e-mail to the resorts about 10 working nights in advance and make your wishes for a house or cot and more.

Bookings are made through Expedia all the way and confirmations vary according to the type of accommodation. Booking with Expedia?!?!!???

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