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English language Expedia Hotels

There was an English entry on an English website. The system retrieves relevant, ordered lists of travel companies, such as hotels and regions. Be careful with your Expedia Guangzhou Forum bookings - Guangzhou Forum

On Expedia a weekend ago I book a delayed reservation for a lodging in the suburbs of Guangzhou. That'?s why I dialed the number of the motel, but the number is incorrect. I' m looking for the right number and dialed it, and the personnel doesn't know English orese.

When I got to the motel, I took my Expedia certificate with me, and the personnel can't even see anything on it, because it's all in English and has no clue what Expedia is. All I could do is use my shitty Putonghua to tell this bit of endorsement and the personnel explains that they only receive registration from two media (one of them is Elong).

Even when I do the registrations, the employees have no clue about my identity card and have to call my manager to get more information, and eventually they have written my information in a notebook indicating that the registry system can't even correctly endorse my identity card. It'?s not just Expedia.

In Lanzhou I came to my lodging with the booking.com only to learn that it could not accommodate any foreigner. There was an English entry on an English website. It was published two and a half inches later. So I came to a Yili' s ('Yining') motel that had been reserved through Agoda just to learn that they had ceased working with Agoda the year before.

What are you accusing Expedia of? They are in the outskirts where they never get tourist and you are expecting them to know these kinds of language? You are unlikely to be able to accommodate a foreigner in this property as they do not seem to have the foreigner registration system in place. In Guangzhou I had to go to the Guangzhou Airfield to take an intercontinental plane the next morning and want to remain as near as possible to the city.

When I got there, the subway was already shut down and there was totally no means of transportation to the airfield, so I had to spend one day in Huadu and resume my trip the next mornings. In Guangzhou and the Guangzhou area, the most spoken language is Cuban, just like HK, in fact it comes from Guangzhou.

Their language. I' ve slept in hotels near China's airfields, from $24 to $150, all great neat and high class. Little hotels near the Aiport, but in the midst of nowhere. I' m managing 5 web pages, no difference how often you refresh and edit your information, there are errors and incorrect old one.

In particular, the areas and items that few visitors or order, modify, update and/or rectify as soon as someone has drawn your notice. The webmaster does not need to spend a lot of money to go to these places to upgrade them, it is NOT automated, someone has to know it and do it. I' m not sure if Cantonese is still the primary language.

Everyone is speaking Mandarin, so this must now be the most widely used language. I' ve watched many television stations in Guangzhou, most of them cantonesian, I don't know what they say. They are right, most in Guangdong live and work in Guangdong from elsewhere, but most from other places within the same county, each with its own dialog, but I think it' s simple for them to study it.

OP's case is a clear example of what happens to a individual who only talks Mandarin but not Mandarin, he is out of Guangzhou in the other 95% of China wasted. An enterprise or a unit of state cannot even dispatch this individual to neighbouring cities and communities if they do not have Mandarin, the language they use.

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