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Used Expedia often in the past for convenience and earned loyalty points that can be deducted from hotel discounts. What is the waiting time for an Expedia reimbursement? In the event that a trip is cancelled due to adverse conditions, the passenger can count on a rebooking or an immediate reimbursement. Remember what happend to Scott Shell when he made a one-way four-person trip to Nantucket. On Hahn Air, he made bookings for July 8 via Expedia and made $808.

He asked Expedia for a rebate when the bad wheather stopped his trip. On several occasions, Shell approached Expedia by telephone and e-mail to inquire about the state of his rebate. Shell was told by Expedia that she had applied for Hahn Air's permit on 22 July and was waiting for it. That'?s 14 day after the plane was cancelled.

The Expedia cautioned that the trial could take another eight-week period, according to the airlines and the banks. However, this is different from the "refund periods" set out in Expedia's support policy. Notice Shell complaining to Expedia that the wait for eight more extra week was exaggerated, and justifiably so. Eight hundred dollars is a great deal of cash, and the cancelled plane was out of his hands.

Not only did he miss the plane, he also incurred unscheduled costs and a significant interruption in his journey. As Shell had reserved the plane through Expedia, she thought it was Expedia's job to make the restitution instead of wait for Hahn Air. Hahn granted Air Expedia permission to handle the refunds on 29 July.

expedia sent a verification e-mail to Shell notifying him that the reimbursement was made on August 10, which further extended the time lag. Shell had not yet been refunded by the beginning of October. When charging to a debit cardholder and a reimbursement becomes cumbersome, you deny the debit to the cardholder companies.

Secondly, even if the tickets were bought from an on-line reservation office, it is the case that the airlines must obtain approval before the refunds can be made. The reservation broker should, however, make an effort for the rebate on the client's account to make sure that it is made on time - or better still, make the rebate and then deal with the carrier.

Finally, it seems that Expedia has a blended approach, as she likes to be approached by her clients. We cannot offer the following via e-mail in an e-mail to Shell, Expedia explained: reservation, modification or cancellation of bookings, reimbursement applications, quotations or emergency enquiries regarding travelling within the next 5 workdays.

Interestingly, Expedia had no records of Shell's large number of telephone conversations. He indicated that his first encounter with Expedia was when he sent an e-mail. That can be a bit bewildering, because Expedia's website always says it informs clients by e-mail or telephone about changes to flights, available travel arrangements and reimbursements.

If clients cannot contact Expedia by telephone or have long waiting periods, they use e-mail communication. Does Expedia say it has the ability to send e-mails but not the client? But Shell could also have approached his complaints with the Expedia executive team.

You stood up for him and began your advocacy with Expedia. Shell was reimbursed in mid-October after a three-month wait. It may take Expedia up to 5 working day to handle your reimbursement. It may take up to 7 working day for your reimbursement to be credited to your bankroll.

In order to shorten the timeframe, the airline cancelled the scheduled service on July 8 and Hahn Air granted Expedia permission to handle the reimbursement on July 29, 21 workingdays after Shell first applied for it. Shell was notified by Expedia that she had made out the reimbursement on August 10. The reimbursement was not received by Shell until mid-October.

So, the mystery is, why did Expedia need over three month to give Shell a reimbursement?

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