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Tickets were on Air India. Newest tweets from Expedia India (@ExpediaIN). Discover cheap flights from India to NYC and book with our incredible hotel deals! We have Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and India! You can download the app or visit the official Expedia India website.

Please help me to get my reimbursement from Expedia and Air India - Air Travel Forum

When you have sent the printed copies back to Expedia or Air India, I trust you kept a photocopy of the original fax. Have you still got the e-mail correspondences regarding the booking: the order acknowledgment, incl. the identifier and the number of the voucher? This should begin with 098, the bank number for Air India, and then have a 12-digit number after these three digits.

You are unhappy and it may take a little longer for your travel costs to be reimbursed, but there are ways to speed things up. I' m assuming you payed for the seats with a plastic-bank. Contact your payment service company to claim the charges. Specify the flight booking date and hours, the date on which the flights were canceled, the location number and the ticketing numbers.

Please add a cover note to the latter two that you will appreciate the politeness of a response within ten working day of it. I would be very anxious to mail the note to Expedia by registered mail. So when the A.I. canceled the flights, were you asked for alternative flights?

Have you got a recording of the flight cancellations with the AI's answer: Either a "Your flights are canceled, sorry" or "Your flights have been canceled, but here are the choices you can have? AI will most likely ask your payment cardholder for this latest information, and AI should certainly have provided it.

You should be able to cancel the debit because you did not get the services you purchased from AI.

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Voucher/offer details: In addition, Expedia offers up to 50% off the price of your room. Use the Expedia rebate vouchers at the box office to get up to 50% off. I just used this Expedia voucher. Voucher/offer details: Take advantage of a 10% reduction on your accommodation reservations at www.expedia.co. in/icici with your bank cards and make your travels abroad unforgettable.

Use the Expedia promotion codes provided on the reservation page to take advantage of the promotion. Voucher / Special offers details: During your holiday you get up to 50% off hotels in India and abroad at Expedia. Maximal rebate is 2400 SEK. To receive the quote, use the Expedia promotion codes provided at the cashier.

Sleep in luxury hotels at the best rates by browse the Expedia vouchers available on the site. Voucher / Promotion Details: Discover more Expedia promotions and Expedia codes on this page! Voucher / Promotion Details: Take advantage of the package by going to the Holiday in the Middle East page and choosing the package that suits you.

No voucher codes are required to take advantage of these vacation offers. Voucher/offer details: Log in and become a new Expedia member and get a 12% rebate. As soon as you have registered with your e-mail, you will receive a 12% voucher for your reservation.

Only new customers who book their first flights + accommodation with Expedia are eligible for this special rate. Voucher / Special offers details: It is not necessary to find a plane somewhere and a resort elsewhere when you plan your holidays. Expedia's EZ packages for top destination offers will help you find the cheapest and most astonishing offers for flights + accommodation.

Take off and spend the night in Goa Accommodation from 5000 and Dubai for 18,000 Skr. Get started and get these great offers now! Voucher/offer details: EXDEDIA offers you our special rebates for IndusInd-bankusers. Make your booking here and get up to 50% off and an additional 10% off through the IndusInd Credit/Debit Cards deal.

To take advantage of the deal, use the first six digits of the map as your Expedia Hotel promotional number. Voucher / Specials: Details: Booking the ideal vacation for your whole hosts with Expedia Thailand specials where you can get up to 50% off. The rates shown here only apply to participant hotel accommodation. Voucher / Specials: Details: Staying at Expedia Hotel for at least 5 days gives you up to 35% discount on your reservations.

Offers are only valid for participant hotel. For more information, please review the various properties. Voucher / Promotion Details: Discover Sydney and New South Wales with Expedia's unrivalled offerings. Voucher / Promotion Details: Schedule an exciting journey to see the marvels of the sea with Expedia SeaWorld's dedicated offering and get 20% off. You do not need to submit a voucher to qualify for this particular Expedia SeaWorld transaction.

Voucher / Specials: Details: With this Expedia Aruba package, you' re sure to love your cruise in the Carribean. You can find luxury lodging at Expedia Caribbean with up to 40% off. Kindly be aware that this service is only available to registered establishments and may vary based on available time. Voucher / Specials: Details: Booking your journey to the USA and benefit from excellent Expedia air and hospitality offers and receive up to 15%-off.

Booking your Expedia USA vacation at the best price and take advantage of the current Expedia USA rebate. Deals that are only valid for competing properties and shown rates include the rebate. You can find more information about this Expedia USA saving promotion on the landings page. Read the Expedia Inspiration Guide for more information on your Expedia travel plan.

Voucher/offer details: EXDEMEDIA provides the astonishing rebates on Dubai-packs. Offer valid only for participant establishments for reservations between January 1 and 31, 2018, for trips between January 1 and January 31, 2018, unless previously booked out. Voucher/offer details: The free extras contained in these specials vary depending on the type of accommodation, available rooms and date of departure.

Hotelspecific terms and conditons may be applicable and will be communicated before reservation. For more information, please visit the various pages of the website. Extras can be WiFi, breakfasts, resort credit, show passes, room updates, delayed check-out and more. Voucher/offer details: Cancellations are possible free of charge in both national and cosmopolitan establishments (approx. 220,000 hotels).

Cancellations or changes to your reimbursable accommodation can be made free of charge until the end of the cancelation period. An Expedia voucher key is not necessary to use the service. Voucher / Specials: Details: Now, get hotels booking at Rs.1999 & below by booking through Expedia on-line site. Any and all quotations are non-binding and without obligation.

Expedia Promotion Code is not required. There is no minimum amount required to get the best rebates. Accommodation booking is already at the best rate. Voucher/offer details: With an astonishing 24 hour a day offer and discount on properties. Accommodation charges are valid for the specified dates, on the basis of the double room rate and are inclusive of tax and surcharges.

Offers are subject to alteration or discontinuation without prior notification. There are no extra Expedia India vouchers needed to take advantage of the promotion. Offers available for 24h only. Offers are subject to changes every 24hrs. Sign up now to receive the rebates on Expedia Daily (24 hours) special offers. Voucher / Special offers details: The Expedia offers large rebates on flights and hotels at the same timeframe.

Reserve a ticket and a room and start saving up to 100% off your flights or overnight stays in a room. Expedia does not provide a security key that is necessary to take advantage of the service. Voucher / Specials: Details: During this wet period, travel through India with the great Expedia Hotels special rates and relish your holiday. Booking now and get up to 50% off.

Offers available in Goa, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Amritsar, Kerala, Agra and other destinations. Voucher / Special offers details: Saving up to 100% off both flights + booking together with Expedia. Flights give you up to 100% off and overnight stays in selected properties up to 100% off.

Expedia parcel vouchers are not necessary to take advantage of the service. Discover the entire Expedia Promotional Code Library on this page and make savings on your reservations. Voucher / Special offers details: EXDEDIA offers large rebates on all your reservations. Register now and receive a 10% rebate on selected national and cosmopolitan properties.

There is no additional hotel voucher for Expedia necessary. Sign up now to receive Expedia offers. Voucher/offer details: Plan to go on a holiday on this season, then here are the Expedia exclusives Dealings. Booking now and get up to 35% off your preferred flight destination such as Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Chennai, London, Pattaya, Paris, New York and more.

Expedia India vouchers are not needed to get the best discount on your favourite destination. Voucher/offer details: The trustworthy option for booking flights in Switzerland on line. Get your national airline fares at the best price. Expedia flying vouchers are not necessary. Booking the best airfares now. Voucher/offer details:

Booking the best properties like Hilton, Westin and more with Expedia and get discounts. No Expedia voucher codes are required to receive this rebate. Voucher/offer details: Up to 30% off accommodation at Expedia. Clic on the above offer and find a suitable accommodation at a reasonable rate.

Expedia vouchers or promotional code not needed to qualify for the rebate. Voucher/offer details: Search for the most sought-after vacation spot of the year, visit Expedia and make your reservations from their week-long new offers! Offers are changing every week with new and hottest locations. Receive the best offers for London, Istanbul, Phoenix, Cancun, Lima, Xcaret, etc. hotel properties.

There may be minimal residence regulations according to the chosen city. The reductions shown are per room and per night on the basis of the lowest available room, excluding all tax and servicing charges, but without any charges to be paid to or at the accommodation. Voucher/offer details: You can now reserve top-trending hostels in Hyderabad such as Novotel, Taj Group of Accommodation, The Parc, The Green Parc and more get the best offers.

Voucher / Special offers details: Booking 3 to 4 stars for 1999 or less years. Rates are valid for the specified duration, on the basis of the double room rate and includes tax and surcharges. An Expedia discount key is not necessary to take advantage of the promotion. Offers are subject to alteration or discontinuation without prior notification. Voucher / Special offers details:

EXDEDIA has the best last-minute rates for hotels. Receive the specials with Expedia Without Coupon Order Number. This landing page features the most sought-after last-minute packages at surprisingly low rates. An Expedia promotion key is not necessary. Saving more with our Expedia Hotels voucher and promo coupons.

Expedia India has a selection of over 271,000 properties and 360 carriers around the globe. Find over a million flights, and more. Booking your accommodation, airline and bus ticket with the largest on-line trips in the run. There are no cancelation fees to modify or cancelling almost any booking. Register and get coupons, Expedia Mobiles voucher code, specials, sales and more.

With Expedia's unique promotional code, you can skip one tonne when you book your tickets. With expedia air vouchers you immediately receive a rebate on your air tickets reservations. Choose from the Expedia range of holiday locations offering you a full range of hotel options for every level of accommodation in the most sought after holiday destination in India and around the globe, or take a plane to a destination of your choosing.

You can find the right property for you by using our stars, guests, locations and great discounts. xpedia has a wide range of hotels to choose from, as well as the best hotels and itineraries. Expansion India is an affiliate of Expedia, Inc. an American holding com-pany for several worldwide web-sources.

It also supports booking for over 10,000 affiliates, including airline and hotel companies, convenience stores and high volume Web sites. We also offer air and cabin reservations so you don't have to miss out on Expedia itineraries. Expedia's traveller blogs take you on a trip around the globe to experience the different tastes, celebrations and high flights.

If you are the world's biggest on-line tour operator, the blogs will help you explore and see what's out there so you can verify it from your pail lists and turn your dreams into real life with Expedia code and Expedia vouchers.

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