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Expedia was accused by Ryanair of "imitating" real customers. The only reason Lufthansa uses Expedia is to recognize that these are economy seats that are misrepresented as business. but Expedia won't return it. Q I purchased a South African Airways seat with Expedia. The SAA cancelled part of my trip (I received a confirmation from the SAA).

Because I had an international link and there were no other SAA flights, I had to buy a new home airfare from another carrier.

I' m trying to get a restitution for the cancelled knee now. Whilst I can see on my coffee cart bill that SAA has been paid for the tickets (Expedia got a small commission), SAA refuses the reimbursement. I' ve called Expedia twice, with no answer at all. I also tried to approach an Expedia Manager whose contacts I got through your website.

Who is Expedia's responsability and who benefits from my cancelled plane ride? If a carrier cancel a part of your trip and you do not take a new one, they must pay back the price of the new one. I' m sure your agency, Expedia, will take care of it. Checking out, which provides a reimbursement for a cancelled ticket.

I' m amazed the senior liaison didn't answer. I' m listing the Expedia and SAA executives' name, numbers and emails on my website for customer advertising: www.elliott.org/company-contacts/expedia/ and www.elliott.org/company-contacts/south-african-airways/. They sent me a screen shot showing that SAA has already approved the reimbursement with Expedia. If SAA had just said: "We'd reimburse the ticket", we wouldn't be here.

It was Expedia who handled your reimbursement and you got your payment. And Expedia sent you a $50 gift certificate for the inconvenience. That's a good idea.

Refundable $747 for the Premium Select on the Airbus A 350 from USA to China

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