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Find out why you should look at your itineraries. When you have made a reservation through your Expedia For TD account, log in and go to My itineraries. An earlier iPhone app, Expedia Itinerary Viewer, took a more pedestrian-friendly approach by allowing only mobile users to manage Expedia-booked itineraries. Hello everyone, a company has booked a UA flight for me on expedia. Hello, Expedia or any other travel website that gives/sends you a itinerary does not always mean that it contains the ticket/e-ticket.

Toot or not?

Both AARP and its subsidiaries do not offer any retailing goods or service or any rebates on such goods or service. Any goods or service and rebates provided through the AARP Travel Center-powered by Expedia® are provided by third parties. The AARP and its partners are not liable for the goods or service and rebates provided on this website.

For further information, please directly ask the AARP Travel Center. AARP is licensed by Expedia to use AARP's IP. Those charges are used for the general purpose of AARP.

Can I view and printout my itinerary?

When you have made a booking through your Expedia For TD bankroll, log in and go to My itineraries. In order to printout a itinerary, choose the itinerary, click on the printout button in the Trip Tools field on the lefthand side and click on "Print this page" at the top of the printout.

Or you can have your receipts printed by selecting "Print Receipt" next to your overview of costs. When you cannot find your itinerary or have forgotten your itinerary, please call Expedia For TD Customer Support at 1-877-222-6492. While your feedbacks do not receive a reply from the customer support staff, we use your feedbacks to help us enhance our FAQ.

For any questions regarding arrival or reservation, please call 1-877-222-6492.

How do I find my itinerary?

At this time, your Expedia For TD on-line bankroll is storing past routes for six month. In order to see your past travels, log into your bank and go to My travels. Their itinerary is shown under "Completed trips". Please click on the tour links for a more detailled tour description.

To rebook the same journey, click on the "Repeat trip" symbol to the right of the offer.

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