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Accommodation, Flights & Car and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Last-Minute Hotel Room Applications SMARTTPHONES and pills give travellers a good excuse to stay until the last minute to make a reservation: discount if you make a reservation for the same room with an application. Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia provide applications that allow travellers to look for available rooms, often with a discount of 10 to 50 per cent for bookings that begin on the date of booking.

Information is shown on a card or a table that you can arrange by cost, range or mark. If you are travelling for an additional overnight stay in a town or just plan a short break, this portable reservation feature is very convenient. I' ve used a few iPhone applications on a recent drive and was amazed at how useful it was to zooming on a card and choosing a location that was accessible and near a motorway junction.

When they returned to New York in September, these applications appeared in Manhattan for about $200 per person per day. Expedia's Hotels application (expedia.com/app) recognizes your current position and shows you hotels in your area or you can type in the name of a town. The results can be screened by range, rate or stars, or you can display them on a chart where you choose a key to see the rate and name of the property.

"The" "Mobile Exclusive" offers are labelled with a banner that indicates how much you save. Includes $126 RECENT DEAL Element New York Times Square (compared to $462 booked two week in Advance through various on-line agencies). The PROS application will scroll through the pictures of the chosen real estate; the hotels description includes the nearest rides, visitor reviews and a listing of comforts.

RESOURCES You cannot search the hotel lists by area. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (all with iOS 5. 0 or higher), Android. Using Kayak's application (kayak.com/mobile) you can select "Hotels near me - Find a special offer for tonight" or type in a city. kayaker Robert Birge, CEO of the company, said that Bucher mobiles can cut costs by 25 per cent or more if they use the application and book at the last minute.

RESIDENTIAL DEAL Park Central New York, $170 inclusive of tax (compared to about $295 when booked through various on-line agents two week in advance). The PROS chart shows the basic cost of each of the hotels in a balloon above the road in which it is located (most of our competition show out-of-place. When you have selected a destination, Kayak shows the fares of various tour operators, inclusive of tax and charges, so you can easily find the best one.

There is also a "Call Hotel" hyperlink if you would rather make your booking by telephone. RESULTS In the Listview you cannot simultaneously arrange the results by neighbourhood and city. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobil 7, Kindle Fire. I' ve tried the Orbititz Hotels application (orbitz.com/mobile) with my iPhone 4, but if you have a newer iPhone (iOS 4.3 or higher) or Anroid you can get a downloadable application that allows you to make reservations for air travel and touring.

Orbitz VP Chris Brown said all of the company's applications "steal mobile" - last-minute rooms that are up to 65 per cent below normal tariffs. The hopper symbol at the bottom of the page allows you to select the results by convenience, area (a quarter at a time), hoteliery, and ratings, and then you can choose the bottom to top prices.

TRIBeCa New York, $232 inclusive of tax (compared to about $404 when booked through various on-line agents two week in advance). Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android. Priceeline (priceline.com) recently launched an iPhone application that offers last-minute offers for air travel, car rentals and hotels, but I've reviewed their older application that is focused on hotels - and is available for more equipment.

When you are looking for a property with one of the two Priceline apps, you will see "Tonight-Only Deals", available from 11.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m. in 150 citys. A Priceline spokesperson, Brian Ek, said these deal are up to 40 per cent off periodic on-line rates and that Thursday evening tends to have the lowest sales disques.

In the case of night-only offers that can actually be reserved for up to four successive days from the date of your booking, Priceline will display the name of the accommodation (as opposed to the name - your own rate - blank bid option). Priceline applications also include express offers, which can be better value for money, but the name of the hotels will not be announced until after booking.

Hilton Garden Inn Times Square, $209, RECENT DEAL, tax and Wi-Fi included (compared to about $312 bookings through various on-line agents two week in advance). With the PROS filters you can pick a rating (e.g. three and up), conveniences and neighbourhood, then you can order by name. INSTITUTIONS You can only pick a quarter at a given moment, so you cannot pick both Midtown West and Midtown East in New York.

Now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android. com/mobile) you can buy hotels, car and air tickets with "Mobile Exclusive" offers for hotels; the rebates are between 10 and 55 per cent below the normal fares, says Jason Fulmines, Travelocity Senior Mobility. There is another application, "Hotel Deals by Lastminute.com", published in September by Travelocity's affiliate, but is only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5.0 or higher, so I've just been testing Travelocity's flagship iOS.

RESIDENTIAL DEAL Park South is $240 with tax (compared to approximately $347 bookings through various on-line agents two week in advance). EXCLUSIVELY MANAGED exclusively managed by PROS The selection feature to see which hotels offer specific discount on the same date; the ranking is from the highest to the highest and shows the stars of every hotels and the distances to your area.

On my mobile a little over a year old, the application often crashes or stops when I check the current rates after selecting a city. For iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, Kindle Fire.

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