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The Expedia Group shows travel samples of multinational travelers in Thailand

Expedia Group, the world's biggest travel agency with Expedia.com®, Hotels.com and other major travel brand names, has published full-year 2016 figures highlighting global visitor travel in Thailand over the past year. Sharing the travel behaviour of these attendees will help Thai hotels better understand the growing demands throughout the year by taking advantage of the group's global coverage.

The year 2016 was a sound year for Expedia's Thailand hotelpartners with double-digit sales in all of the top ten global market. Together with the latest Thai tourism authority initiative to strengthen Thailand as a privileged destination[1], 2017 should be another encouraging year for Thai tourism destinations.

"EXDEDIA is first and foremost a technological enterprise in the travel industry. Analyzes huge volumes of travelers from more than 75 different nationalities in 35 different language versions with more than 600 million visitors per months. This provides insight into travelers' behavior that can help our Thailand based hotels optimize their revenues by understanding when and where they can reach the right travelers at the right times with the right supply to increase demand," said Pimpawee Nopakitgumjorn, Expedia Group Country Manager of Marketing.

Important insight into the Group's five most important global markets: Travel activity in the USA was constantly high throughout the year, creating a constant stream of high value demands from hotel operators. Among the top 10 global travelers, Thailand recorded the highest increase of Hong Kong travelers by a factor of 1.5. Hongkong turned out to be the most precious and the highest daily rate of all foreigners.

The Hong Kong visitor reached its peak from June to September, which was coincident with the spring recess. Whilst top destinations-such as Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya-awaited Hong Kong travelers are showing growing interest in Krabi with an increase of over 35% over the previous year. Supported by the prevalence of low-cost airlines in the area, Hong Kong recorded the highest year-on-year increase in parcel booking, with an 80% increase (compared to the top ten in Thailand's global markets).

Expedia's energetic solutions are the result of a combination of a number of different services such as flight, travel, cars and hotels, which can help travelers reduce costs. Expedia's Thailand hotels have great value in lump sum reservations. Thai parcel reservations are usually generated: 30% less cancellation of hotels in comparison to independent group reservations.

Hotelpartners will be happy to know that the average daily rates of Japan's travelers have risen in the past year. The number of travelers to Thailand increases during the period July - August and December. Like in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya were the three most popular places for travelers from Japan.

UK trips to the Land of Smiles start high in November and December. From January to March were also top month for them as they visited Thailand in quest of warmth. The vast majority of Australians are in Thailand during the December and January summer vacations. March, July and October were also the most popular for them.

Australian and UK travelers have similar characteristics when it comes to reserving and stay in Thailand properties. Most of them (80%) make independent reservations for 3-4 stars accommodation. It is interesting that if you make parcel reservations for Thailand on the Expedia Group pages, you are more likely to switch to 4-5 stars accommodation.

Whereas the three most popular travel destination among Australians are Trat (80% year-on-year), Hua Hin (60%) and Pattaya (50%), UK tourists are showing increasing interest in Koh Lipe (140% year-on-year), Rayong (100%) and Kanchanaburi (90%). Pimpawee also provides the following hotel advice to help you get the most out of travel: the best of the world: Pimpawee:

The possibility for the consumer to either book or book the room at check-in can enhance the overall consumer-friendliness. Expedia Traveler Preference allows travelers to convert more and make more reservations by offering'Pay Now' and'Pay Later' options.

Because' Pay Now' bookings are paid in advance by customers, hotel partners have lower cancellation rates than customers who choose the'Pay Later' option. The' PAYNOW' feature also allows affiliates to establish non-refundable tariffs, further reducing the number of cancelations and minimizing last-minute and non-appearance related funding risk for affiliates.

Contents are king: Investment in your on-line prospect. When you are near the BTS Sky Train or MRT subway, tell the travelers. Increasingly experienced travelers are investigating and reserving trips on smartphones, trays and wearable mobiles. Expedia Group reports that in 2016 more than 45% of the group's total volume of business came via cell phones and almost every third transaction was recorded on it.

If you want to track these travelers, you should consider both a web and application approach. Partnering with Expedia Group gives hotel owners access to a broad array of travel fire bricks and wireless webs. The Expedia GroupThe Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) is the world's biggest travel agency with an expansive network of branded travel products, which include major travel industry names such as....:

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