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Questions dans les entretiens d'embauche chez Expedia for Lodging Content Associate

Interviewee en septembre 2014 chez Expedia. It' virtually the hardest and most non-professional interviewee I' ve ever had or known of. He/she did not complete the first interviewer within the available period of the interviewer's stay, so he offered an interviewer for the next morning. I' ve got a work, so I had to find a place where I could take the call and take the necessary steps.

and he never phoned, so I went back to work. That was FOUR TIMES before he finally phoned me at the moment when he said he would. As I was wondering about the amount of free space available to me to ask my question, I asked about the role and organisational set-up.

Subsequently, he arranged a follow-up meeting with a human resources officer. I was so messy and non-professional that I doubted the credentials of Expedia as an organisation and shut down the business at all. Eventually, when I met with a HR representative, she told me that the position specification and specification that the HR representative had given me was totally wrong.

It was a website specifically designed for communication and merchandising and I had the feeling that it was a media relations job, an idea that the recruitment agency acknowledged in ours. I was told it was fully functional, more like a location for input. It was a short and superficial conversation, less than 30 mins.

As well as not wanting to work for Expedia after this conversation, I wouldn't even buy shares in the business because they clearly don't know how their employers brands are run and how their businesses are run. BADGEST-EVERVIEW INTERVIEWING EVER.

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