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The payment must be made with Hong Leong credit/debit cards issued in Malaysia. Expedia offers the best selection of hotels in Malaysia online. Select from the best hotel destinations in Malaysia and save today!

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I' ve recently reserved 4 flight back to Malaysia (2 bookings) from Malaysia to USA via expedia, it was a Malaysia side, so the fees were in RINGGI. My goodness, when I got my charge for my payment the real charge was higher than the one indicated and imprinted on the acknowledge. After contacting the hotel I learned that Expedia had applied for their fees in US dollars, although they were stated in their final fees that the entire fees for my maps were calculated in ringguit.

It seemed that Expedia will definitely earn additional cash by calculating in US dollars, if US dollars are higher and calculated in lc, it will be lower in US dollars: Anybody have that kind of expedia exposure?

I' ve made many reservations with Expedia before, but that definitely put me off, it looks like it would be difficult to believe in such an establishment! It looks like we'd better stay away from Expedia in the near term!

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General Sales Conditions: Payments must be made with Hong Leong credit/debit cards made out in Malaysia. Reservation time is from October 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018. The tour runs from October 1, 2017 - March 31, 2019. Quotations are not interchangeable for money or other articles and are not applicable to other current campaigns.

The dealer retains the right to modify these provisions at any time. The Hong Leong Bank assumes no liability or guarantee for the goods and service provided by the dealer and is not accountable or accountable for any changes, demands, losses or damage resulting from these offerte.

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