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ExpoDy unveils travel samples of international visitors to Mexico

Expedia Group, the world's biggest global web tour operator, has published new figures that reveal remarkable results and samples of Mexico's 2016 global population. The knowledge of the travelling behaviour of foreign travellers allows the hotels to develop policies to reach their destinations all year round. The Mexican economy remains a major global player as a recent WHO survey found that Mexico has overtaken Turkey as the world's 8th most important city.

Expedia Group reported that Cancun is still the top Mexico destinations, followed by the Riviera Maya and Mexico City. With almost 85% of Mexico's overall sales in 2016 versus 2015, the United States is still the premier global feeders player. Expedia Group reported that Brazilian consumption rose by more than 50% last year.

Other top Mexican countries in 2016 were Spain with over 40% annual sales increase, China with over 50% annual sales increase and Switzerland with almost 115% year-on-year sales increase. Important insight into the three most important global marketplaces that are traveling to Mexico: The number of trips was constantly high throughout 2016, with peak values in early and July with an increase of almost 35% compared to the previous year.

The Americans also recorded more parcels than any other in-bound parcel service in 2016. For parcels, the USA has the shorter reservation windows than any of the top stores, averaging 40 nights before departure. As a rule, travellers remained with 3 and 4-star real estate - with a 45% stake in the shop.

Cancun, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos were by far the most visited Mexico tourist destination in 2016 for Americans. All-inclusive reservations to Mexico for Canada travellers were made about 50 nights before the trip. The majority of our clients in Canada remained in 3-star establishments - with a proportion of almost 50%.

As the United States, Canada's travellers enjoy seaside resorts throughout Mexico, but as their fondness for 3-star real estate shows, most of Canada's tourists like Puerto Vallarta are attracted to cheaper places. In 2016, the most sought-after traveler in Canada was the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit and Cancun. Because of the great distances between the UK and Mexico, it is not surprising that British clients booked packages almost 60 nights before departure.

In the UK, the preference was for 4-star homes with a 45% stake in 2016 as opposed to 3-star homes with a stake of almost 40%. The top British travellers' destination were the Riviera Maya, Cancun and Mexico City. Ribera also provides the following hotel advice to help you get the most out of travel: the best of the world: the best of the best:

Expedia Traveler Preference enables hospitality guests to increase the rate of converting to more reservations by offering the'pay now' and'pay later' options. Flat-rate reservations that integrate factors such as air travel and accommodation enable the hotelier to record higher-quality travellers who are spending more cash, staying longer and booking further in anticipation.

When you' re near the Mexico City Metro or the Transmetro, tell the people. Increasingly experienced travellers are investigating and reserving trips on smartphones, trays and wearable mobiles. Expedia Group reports that in 2016 more than 45% of the group's total volume of business came via cell phones and almost every third transaction was recorded on it.

If you want to track these travellers, you should consider both a web and application approach. Partnering with the Expedia Group gives hotel owners the EPC application to help them run their Expedia businesses anywhere, at any time. Utilities such as EPC allow you to customise your competitor kit with 5-20 features and see how you focus on core metrics such as pricing, results, property view, booking and other areas in the EPC.

Expedia, Inc. and NASDAQ: Exp is the world's biggest global provider of branded tours, including some of the world's top branded tour operators: To read our latest business and sector reports and insights, please go to www.expediainc. com or join us on Twitter@expediainc.

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