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Two or more places in one trip with Virgin Holidays' multi-center holidays. We have negotiated special fares with hundreds of airlines and can often offer the best multi-city deals online. Things like Overseas Holidays & Travel Planning.

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Recently I rented a vehicle through Expedia, then cracked it with a bum. Contact them to see if the Collison damaging scale can cover the costs of the loss. Damages to wheels and tires are not insured, which is okay. But the agent at the other end of the e-mail under the alias "Steve" was very impolite, and a copy of one of his e-mails is below (there are several more in the same direction).

In his English, well, he couldn't even pronounce "Expedia" properly, and in some places it was so terrible that I had no literal clue what he was trying to say. Over and over again he talked about "tires" when I made it very clear in my policeman' s note that it was the bike that was bent, and a bike is not the same as a tire.

Expedia does not give a telephone number to solve complex problems or to report a complaint about a problem. Asking for my credential number a full six instances and repeating that he couldn't find the e-mail correspondences, he said he would get another division to call me back.

Then, I got the e-mail from "Steve" below. Let me be clear, this is not about claims management, I know I am getting nowhere - it is about the level of client after-sales. I am also not against India call centers, some of them are quite good, but I am against the use of aliases, bad English from support and conversations with people.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I got from "Steve". Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxx, thank you for the contact with Expeida.co.uk regarding the case of loss in travel plan 7358158287209. It refers to your last e-mail. You punctured a pothole and bent the bike that the hire agency had billed you for accident.

The CDW dosage does not include any Tyers injuries, as it is a part of the bike and therefore not insured. I' m sorry that my answer cannot be more favorable, but this is the definitive decision of Expedia.co.uk and there will be no further examination of your appeal.

Now I hope that our stance on this has been cleared up.

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