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You would like to invite your wife to a holiday in New York for an upcoming anniversary. Use a shortcut to your next vacation. Receive the Expedia App and book on the go! View flight options from hundreds of airlines to thousands of destinations. The travel agency loses vacation to save a relative at Irma's Wake.

AARC and Expedia Release 2017 Annual Global Outlook

December 15, 2016 - Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) in partner with Expedia, Inc. the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: EXPE), today published a major survey of global aviation trends: The new heights for flights: Understand the realities of falling ticket prices and increasing capacity. Together, Expedia and ARC have carried out an initial review of several hundred million flight ticket sales to identify tendencies that can be used to make intelligent flights in 2017.

The ARC provided in-depth insights and ticketing information to the survey, which came from the 12. Five billion missions. Include some of the disclosures of this 4th ARC and Expedia study: World-wide, mean fares in economics classes are dropping to their low level since 2013. The greatest fall in fares was in journeys between these regions:

Of the 500 major destination airfields, Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba, is the biggest increase (53 percent) in the number of arrivals on business services between 2015 and 2016. Sunday is the day on which the cheapest fares are paid for journeys within the United States, on Friday 11% less than on Friday.

You can download the full ARC-Expedia survey free of charge at http://bit.ly/2gJc1tP. "Ticketing rates are continuing their multi-year fall and we see nothing in the short-term figures to indicate a shift in this direction, particularly in the growth of aircraft seating capacities. ARC, as a business that has insight into what travellers actually buy and the opportunity to use advanced algorithm to make this information useful and useful, is pleased to rejoice in its partnership with Expedia for this work.

" "This coincidence of conditions - more aircraft, lower fares, more targets - is extraordinary for today's traveler," said Greg Schulze, SPRPR. This also means that daily journeys - sightseeing of your host families, business travels - are probably simpler to be booked at a lower one.

Both Expedia and ARC have full control over a wide range of information. Together we show travellers that the opportunities for 2017 are almost unlimited. "About Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. is the world's biggest global provider of web based tour operators with an expansive range of branded products, including some of the world's premier web based itineraries: Expedia, Inc:

To read company and sector reports and previews, please go to www.expediainc. com or join us on Twitter@expediainc. In the 2017 card negotiations between carriers and tour operators, more than 265 million passengers traveling, ARC agreed $88. 5 billion in sales, a leading provider of airline transportation and business management services. It also offers agile delivery options, cutting-edge technologies and the most complete airline ticketing transactional information in the business to help the worldwide airline communities link, expand and prosper.

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