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Keep up to date and check the offers for these trend destinations. "Ticket prices continue their multi-year decline by checking in, change/canceling a flight, selecting seats and checking your itinerary with the self-service platform "My Travels". It is one of the most resilient destinations in the world. " Enjoy barrier-free European tourist destinations." There was confusion about the reservation, however, as Expedia did not inform the hotel about the booking.

Diamond Partner Expedia cooperates again with Brand USA on a giant screen

Expedia, a diamond class collaborator with Brand USA, once again shows travellers all the possibilities of travelling in the USA - this year with the movie America's Journey, which retraces the origins of US musicals in towns known for their genre of musicals.

America's Musical Journey, a collaborative effort between Brand USA, MacGillivray Freeman Films, Expedia and Air Canada, was first performed in Washington, DC this past monday. The movie follows Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc through musical celebrity towns such as New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; New York City, New York; Nashville, Tennessee; Miami, Florida, and many more.

This is the second Expedia second US brand adventure with Brand USA about movies that promote the United States. Together with MacGillivray Freeman and Brand USA, Expedia made its first major movie, the 2016 laureate, which presented the magnificent scenery of the U.S. states.

Expedia, Brand USA's multimedia affiliate since 2012, works closely with Brand USA to help embolden global audiences to visit the United States to explore all of their stunning destinations. Brand USA and Expedia Mediadesolutions, Expedia's ad agency, recently launched Sound Travels, an end-to-end online sales promotion that allows travellers to experience the sound of US destinations.

Sound Travels, the first 3-D sound promotion drive to the United States, will be launched on a perpetual base for travellers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Hearing these sounds will hopefully inspire travellers to research, schedule and make a journey to vibrant destinations such as Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, Florida and more.

This multisensory advertising ad, which runs until June 30, 2018, works smoothly on cell phones and desktops. It is coinciding with the launch of the new IMAX film, America's Musical Journey, which will explore America's story through soundtrack. The Expedia acts as a reservation activating affiliate for Brand USA's multi-channel programmes in many global marketplaces and enables Brand USA and its affiliates to follow reservations throughout the course of the entire advertising campaignm.

Expedia, the world's biggest provider of on-line tourism, has an established worldwide footprint with a range of major on-line tourism brand names, such as Expedia. Expedia has attached great importance to the USA brand as such, as the two organisations work together to help travellers from all over the globe plan and book their itineraries. EXDEDIA has launched a personal affinity programme to help Brand USA and its affiliates get to the right audiences at the right times with the right people.

A further US based company working with Expedia Media Solutions came out around the world during the launch of National Parks Adventure. The United States and Expedia Media have launched an online ad campain entitled "What U.S. National Park Are You? "Expedia Media and the USA have received several prizes for this alone include an International Consumer Communication Competition (IAC) for the best combined tourism promotion and a Hermes Creative Platinum prize in the categories of online campaigns.

It was also a finaleist for the best cooperation between agencies and clients at the Digiday Awards.

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