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Which are the destinations with the cheapest flights? Learn how you can build your distribution network across multiple channels. Accommodation offers plus cost-saving insights to get the most out of your stay. Airfares; Hotel - Car - Transfer.

You can book cheap airline tickets to various destinations.

Use multi-city flights to see more places for less money.

However, you can often find less expensive airfares by searching through a number of destinations with the help of multi-city travel. I' ll show you how you can use this way to spend a few extra day or week in the towns in between, make it to your ultimate goal and go home - all without having to pay one penny more for the fare (and possibly save some air tickets).

If you fly Air France from Washington DC to Tokyo, for example, you can call and ask if you can remain in Paris for a few nights. For even better offers and to open your trip option, go to your preferred on-line agency - I use Kayak.com for this entry; of course you can use it.

Begin with a periodic round voyage quest and get a round voyage character. Pay attention to all intermediate stopovers and the towns in which the intermediate stopovers are located. After you have a ball park character, a departure point and a finish, you can begin heaving. Take advantage of the multi-city options and begin with a unique routing.

Search for towns that are generally on their way, do not pass across the ocean or retreat through the continent (similar to RTW tickets). Search for a stop that is less than 50% of your initial round-trip ticket. Flying to Paris from many US destinations with United is often less expensive if you travel through Guatemala City or Buenos Aires than to book a standard round-trip itinerary.

Search for larger towns you can or want to imagine. Playing with the trip data and do your search on a Wednesday. Use this part like a pack to find the cheapest price for a town on your way. You now have a very inexpensive one-way to Buenos Aires on your way to Paris, so you can look for the second plane to take you all the way there.

As you know, at least one stage is less expensive than 50% of the full round trip cost; start gambling with appointments and linking towns now to get a lower one. Use the same multi-city lookup to see what happens to your overall flight rate when you complete the flight. When it is less or the same, modify the data (or the town in between if your itineraries are flexible).

So if you are really looking for the cheapest rate and you don't care, you can use the same approach as above to create another stop. Your New York to Buenos Aires to Paris could therefore take a whole afternoon in Amsterdam. We hope you have a few frequentmiles - if so, you can use them for the more costly stages of your itinerary.

You' ll loose the amount of cash you have saved by looking for every possible connection town or different appointments. Of course there are the additional costs for the hotels, the hostels or the accommodation in the centre, which can become more costly according to the itinerary.

After all, using multi-city air travel is a great way to see or revisit a totally different kind of urban or rural area on your way to this one. Alternatively, you can try to book past your travel destinations (and get off at the stopover) and use concealed towns for cheaper rates.

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