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Find and compare flights to Ireland and abroad and save! Here is a complete list of airlines that offer free multi-day stays and how you can book them yourself! If you know your data, you will receive real time pricing in seconds:

If you know your data, you will receive real time pricing in seconds: Displayed fare for each trip is the mean for all travelers inclusive of toddlers. Displayed fare for each trip is the mean for all travelers inclusive of toddlers. Displayed fare for each trip is the mean for all travelers inclusive of toddlers.

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When there is something more serious than long-haul flights, it is important to know that you can make a stop in an interesting travel location but cannot be there. Fortunately, the airline companies have started. It is possible to make an intermediate stop of several days (i.e. a longer stay) all by yourself. Here is a full listing of airline companies offering free multi-day stays and how you can make your own bookings!

Psst, do you want to treat yourself to a free sightseeing trip during your next stay at the Aiport? Here are 7 airfields, which during your stay are offering free trips, which do not need a visas! In this sense we can make a stop for several days. So why don't we take a longer stay and stay a whole weekend in Los Angeles while we're there?

You can return to Skyscanner and use the multi-city searching feature to expand your stay to a journey. Our initial date of takeoff from New York to Los Angeles was February 14, but then the second Los Angeles to Sydney was scheduled a weekend later on February 21.

Resulting flights with the same carriers are $628 US dollars. In order for this to work, you need to jointly reserve the flights using a multi-city query like Skyscanner. In this way it is ensured that the whole journey is packaged and serviced by partner carriers, which offers you the best value for money.

For this example, 2 flights booked as a stand-alone ticket resulted in a $756 aggregate cost, a $128 differential in additional charges that can be eliminated by using the multi-city ticket finder. SKY SCANNER is our preferred all-round aviation research machine for its wide range of searching options and low cost.

But, as you can see, it can take a great deal of handiwork to find a stop. Fortunately, there is an all-in-one stopping place detection utility named Awander. Just type in your starting point, your goal and the number of dates on which you would like to make a stop. AAWander returns a listing of the places where you can stop and how much more or less you save compared to connecting to a scheduled service.

Note that AAWander uses individual flights to make your stopovers and has different affiliate reservation pages than Skyscanner. Skyscanner and AutoWander are ideal for making your own multi-day stopovers, while some carriers provide specific stopovers plus discounts, such as a free mote. This is a listing of airline companies offering free stays (and discounts!) from all over the globe.

General business conditions: Available for a night in a luxury accommodation if the length of your session is 6+ lessons (costs $49 CAD if Tango/Flex classes, free for Latitude, Premium and Business Class). Is able to make stops on both stages of a homeward journey. Intermediate stop can be added to the current reservation, must be an end-to-end journey (not multiple destinations).

Length of stay: General business conditions: Iceland and WOW are the best choice for you - just make your own bookings on your own searchengine, baggage charges apply and the price varies according to supply/demand. General business conditions: Entitled to take part in flights with accommodation and without daily updated flights. This is not permitted on flights between Lisbon and Casablanca and Marrakech.

Offer depends on the uptime of the hotels. General business conditions: Free-of-charge shuttles and accommodation for stopovers

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